Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wrapping up some candy bars

I was at Micheals recently and picked up some printed Halloween burlap ribbon they had on sale.  I had no idea what would do with it, but 10 yards for $3 seemed like a great deal - I'll find something to do with it.   And I did!  That printed burlap is a great length for full size candy bars.  My boys happen to be selling some for a cub scout fundraiser, so I have purchased many.   Dressing them up is a perfect way to keep myself from eating them.  I wrapped them in three's with the burlap overlapping on the bottom and used hot glue (not too much) to keep them together.  The purchased 6 in ribbon has a nice tight weave so the hot glue doesn't go through the holes.  

 I did my fall ones with regular burlap I cut to size, it worked but not nearly as well.  The weave is bigger and hot glue can go though a bit, so if you use that, you need a piece of card stock between the bottom layer and the candy bars, and you need some tough fingers -hot glue is really hot.   Either way,  it does need to be a tight sleeve to keep the bars from slipping out.  All you need then, is some cute tags and ribbon which I wrapped around the whole thing to ensure bars are held tight.  I used up some fall leaves I already had and then made some elements from my Happy Haunting and Pumpkin Carving cartridges.  Now I have a bunch of treats ready to give out, and less chocolate at my disposal for sampling.

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