Thursday, January 24, 2013

A snake-y quilt and a Valentines Day heart banner

My son has been bugging me to make him a quilt so I finally caved - he wanted something colorful and snake-y (he loves snakes right now).  After picking out about 10 bright snake-patternish prints, I put together this simple block quilt.   I originally was going to have a border and make it twin size, but he said he wanted it smaller - so he could snuggle with it on the couch - so I ended making only the size of the top of a twin.  He's very happy thats its done (me too!)

After that week long project, I needed something quick for a craft fix, so today I made this cute little banner for my living room mirror.  I used sheet music for the banner, then used the heart from Plantin School book (cricut) cut at 1.75, 2.25 and 3 inch.  I stacked the hearts on the banner and stitched down the middle so the hearts could bend out for a nice 3-d effect.  Cute, cute! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mixed Media Altered Art Notebook

Simon says stamp and show has a blog challenge going that is "what are you known for?".  My friends and family will say "crafty"-  I am frequently teased about my crafting obsession.   I wanted to make something for the challenge that would incorporate my various crafts - it was also a good excuse to alter a notebook for my current art class.  I used all the things I love to craft with-paints, paper cuts from my silhouette, some stitching, stamping, patterned paper, some fibers, doodling, the only thing that is missing is some sparkle (its rare for me not to add sparkle...maybe I'll have to find a way to put some in).  I also got to use my new cinch - I got it last month for my birthday :)  Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Poppy flower card and svg

I'm ready for spring.  Here is a new poppy svg, I made it for an altered notebook I'm making, but used my sample cut for this card.  The svg is availible below, as well as the silhouette file - be sure you download the correct one for your machine.

I also made a couple other cards this week - one with the chalkboard technique and one just monochromatic borring winter card (I'm REALLY ready for spring).  Thanks for looking!


Poppy SVG file

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fimo Clay flower hair clips and earrings

I bought some little resin hair clips at a craft fair recently with the intentions of coming home and trying to make some of my own at a fraction of the price.  However, once I got to looking at all the pretty forms and dyes, I decided I better not open that can of worms right now.   Instead I used some fimo clay and some dies from Martha Stuart that can be purchased very cheep ($6 for a set of 4 with a coupon) at your local J's-both of which I already had.  The completed resin flowers and filigree clips like the one I purchased can be found on etsy, then you just glue them together, still cheaper than the craft fair, but not as cheep as the clay.   My friend and I used about 25 cents worth of fimo clay to make 14 flowers - which we turned into 5 sets of clips and 2 pairs of earrings.  The molds (click here to see mold) are intended to make elements for cards, but the flowers are too bulky for cards for me, the fern and butterflies that come in the set are nice and flat/light though.

Press softened clay into mold until the back is level/flat. I used a craft knife of some of them to make them perfect for the earrings, but then you don't see the back for the hair clips, so why bother?

Pop out of die and bake according to package directions (we did 30 min. at 275)
If you are going to use them for beading, you can poke a head pin though them prior to baking.  We just left the wire in for baking.

Glue to clips - clipping them to the edge of something makes it easier, we just used super glue

Then, of course, make a cute package to give the away in!  I used a shaker box sizzix die I just got, it is AWESOME and perfect size for this kind of gift (and little candies too!)

I also have some cards from last week to share since I was too lazy to post anything.....

Thanks for looking!