Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chicken and Lobster

This weeks challenge at Less is More is to use hexigons - a great excuse to pull out my chicen wire embossing folder.  The stamp is from stampin up Best of Cluck.  I stamped the image right on craft and then used prisma pencils to color.

As long as I had the ink out...I also made another one with my current favorite set : Stampin Up By the tide.   That bit of string is from a bit of actual recycled fishing net - I just happen to have had it in my pocket ( really).   I had just been netting my chicken coop so my baby turkey won't fly out and become a coyote snack when I'm  not around.  Want to see her?

Here are the newest editions to my flock, 3 chicks and a turkey (about 6 wks old now)
The barred rock (dark black and white) is Andy's, the dark Araucana is Carstens, and the light Araucana is mine, the rest are my sisters that I am chick sitting for her until they are bigger.

Normally turkeys are not pretty, but I think her spotted feathers are just lovely

Daisy does a great job of watching the babies when they are not in the fenced area.

Thanks for looking!


Chrissie said...

Sorry I am SO late in visiting this card, last week got away from me somewhat!
This is super, I just love that chicken!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

scootingranny said...

Love the saying on the card! The tag is really cute and would look perfect in a Maine scrapbook as well as on a gift. And enjoyed the pictures and story of your chickens.