Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday banner card and Birthday svg

I spend way too much time on pinterest looking at other peoples stuff lately and not making my own!  It is time for me to put some of those great pins to work!  This is the card I made for my mom for her birthday.   I had seen one like it on pinterest and just loved it, had to copy.   Its so cute I think I'll make a couple more for my stash.

So yesterday I spent 8 hours cleaning my craft room.  I can't believe it, since I had so many other things I should have been doing.  BUT, its looking good.  I had so much stuff it was piling and I couldn't find a place to work.  I either had to go buy some storage things, or clear out.   Since buying a bunch more stuff to hold my stuff didn't seem like a great idea in my "keep it simple" home, I opted just to get rid of some things and re-organize.  I cleared a shelf in my linen closet which is quite large, and put all my fabric there.  Now I can see it all, its up away from the pets and kids, not spilling over on my counters, and out of sunlight.  Perfect.  To make more room I also packed up my cricut.  I do have room for it now that I cleaned, but I think I might just get rid of it since I have the cameo.  There is something on each of my remaining carts that I like, but if I can make an svg I like better, I can let it go.   On that note, I'd like to share an svg.  Link is below.  Enjoy!

PSI_Birthday svg


GottaHaveJC said...

I love this svg! Thank you so much!

Jenny said...

Okay, I'm inspired to clear things out. May even have a few things that can find a "new owner," including those stamps we've talked about last year. I'm hoping my coming move will motivate a new keep it simple life.

Bethany said...

I love your .svg, but D i have to have a Silouette to use it? I have a Cricut Mini. Thank you!

Soraya said...

Thank you for this set!