Thursday, January 24, 2013

A snake-y quilt and a Valentines Day heart banner

My son has been bugging me to make him a quilt so I finally caved - he wanted something colorful and snake-y (he loves snakes right now).  After picking out about 10 bright snake-patternish prints, I put together this simple block quilt.   I originally was going to have a border and make it twin size, but he said he wanted it smaller - so he could snuggle with it on the couch - so I ended making only the size of the top of a twin.  He's very happy thats its done (me too!)

After that week long project, I needed something quick for a craft fix, so today I made this cute little banner for my living room mirror.  I used sheet music for the banner, then used the heart from Plantin School book (cricut) cut at 1.75, 2.25 and 3 inch.  I stacked the hearts on the banner and stitched down the middle so the hearts could bend out for a nice 3-d effect.  Cute, cute! Thanks for looking!


Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

You always make the coolest decorations!

scrapn said...

You did a fanastic job on the quilt & I love the banners!!