Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simple Easter Egg banner

I totally lifted this banner from  I love how simple it was to make and I will definitely make some similar ones for other holidays.  I cut the eggs with my cricut, cut two of each color, fold the top one in half so it stands out.  To attach the top egg to the bottom egg I used a straight stitch then just used sticky tape to attach them to the actual banner.  If you stitch them directly to the banner, you will have strings, but if you stitch the eggs only you can tuck the strings behind the egg.   The banners are made from a book page and they are so thin that I just stacked them and cut all 6 by hand at the same time.   To attach the pages to the the string, I just folded over the top at about 1/2 inch and taped the very edge (so they make a loop that will still slide along the twine).   I wanted my candles to match so I wrapped them with paper as well (they are flameless) and added a flower from cake basics cartridge.   Thanks for looking!

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Jimmy and Alison said...

I think I have to do this, this weekend ! Thanks !