Saturday, December 3, 2011

My first Christmas present done, a card, and some vinyl

This year for Christmas I bought a bunch of blank cotton grocery bags to paint.  The first one done is for my DH's grandfather.   They live on a boat 6 months of the year, and AZ the other 6 months, so nautical was perfect for him.   I used the compass and letters from Wall Decor and More.  I just got this cart and I really like it.  It runs about $15 on ebay with shipping, great deal for all you get.  One down, MANY to go.

The second item for today is a card made with Lacy Labels, cut at 4 inch...3.75 would have been better.  The stamp is from Stampin Up.

The third thing...and my the first vinyl in my new house.  Hubby and I each had a couple of must have items when we built and one of mine was these little opening in the room doorways.  I had seen them in a magazine and knew they would be great for decorating.  I put up my three wise men, which are just plastic, but very old and I really like them.  Then below them I wrote Wise men still seek Him in Precious font.  I love how it came out.


Crystal in Lynden said...

That looks awesome!

Sue from Oregon said...

Your home is lovely. I LOVE your door frame designs! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great!!!

Where did you get your grocery bags from? Great idea!!!