Monday, December 5, 2011

More holiday vinyl on the walls and a sewing project

Snowflakes from Christmas Noel at 3 and 4 inch
I bought a bunch of sparkle vinyl on clearance last year, soooo pretty, and thought I'd put some on the walls.  I made the J and Y letters 11 inches and used a berry wreath for the O.  Then used the leftovers for some snowflakes.  I would normally hate red snowflakes, but for some reason this year I'm seeing them all over and rather liking them.   I had that mantle made flat just so I could do vinyl on it.  I also had a plug put in above the mantle just for that very old tree.  It was my great-great aunts and I have to keep it far away from the kids and the dog (she has a dangerous wagging tail).

My other project share is a sewing craft, which I was very happy with since I don't know how to sew or follow a pattern.  We had planned to buy stools to go at the new island, but since that won't be in the budget for a bit, we are using the extra ones from the dining table.  I don't want them to get messed up so I thought I would make covers.  I had to wing a simple pattern.  Each one only cost me about $3.50 to make, cheep enough to make one for each holiday until we can buy stools, and I can always use them in the dining room later.  Thanks for looking!

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