Friday, June 3, 2011

Pirate-y Piggy bank block

I went to Oregon last week, and as usual I stopped and my two favorite crafting places: Craft Warehouse and Ikea.  The glass blocks were half off  (on sale for $4) so I pick up two, one for each son.  They are pre-drilled  with a two inch hole on the top, so that is what I'm using to put money in and out (this is for saving, so mostly in).  For the front I used black vinyl, then white for words and skull.  I used Pieces of Eight font - my favorite for pirate-y type things.  I wanted to write Carstens treasure, but then the letters were just too small.  One the back I just used a square of chalkboard vinyl so he can either keep track of what is inside, or write what he's saving it for.  Tomorrow I need to make one with a snake for my other son.  Thanks for looking!

This I just had to take a picture of at ikea - it made me laugh that they had to put "not acutal size"

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