Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Roadtrip Scrappage 1

I rarely do two page layouts but this one covered a weekend so it need 6 photos.  This is the first page. For the second page,  I can't decide if I should put grandmas house at the end of the road (the one from zoobaloo) or a cake (which I had to make myself because in all my carts I only have one with a cake and I used it on another LO).  The road is also an svg I made in inkscape.  Cake or house? or maybe cake and presents?
I went with a house and to Party arrow.....


Eva said...

great layouts, fun pages

Anonymous said...

I would use the house because my grandparents' home was always my favorite destination! Maybe you could "hide" a photo of their home under a lift up flap or slide out panel.