Monday, January 24, 2011

A few projects to share

First, todays scrap page.  I bought the boys a new cart last week at Micheals (stand and solute on clearance for $10).  They had lots of fun making new name signs for their room.  Unfortunately, that was the only cart our Micheals had on the clearance.  I was really hoping they were going to have a Gypsy or at least a couple of other carts on the sale, but probably for the best that they didn't as I have no self control when it comes to these things.  Base paper is from the doodle stack (DCWV) brackets are from Plantin schoolbook, definition stamp is Stampin up.

Next is just a couple cards, same layout for both,  the border on the friend card is from Paper Lace cut at 1.5 inch.

For the non-cricut:  I made new cushions for my 100 year old chair, it went from dark and stuffy to bright and cheery!

Finally, I found some of these twig balls on clearance but I wanted something else in the bowl so I dug some Styrofoam balls out of the closet.  I wrapped one with green yarn to match the table and covered the other two with flowers.  I just love how the flowery ones came out.  To make them I bough some stems at  Micheals (on sale for $1) and cut off the flowers so that they only had about a half inch stem, then stuffed the stems right into the Styrofoam.  A bit time consuming, but worth it.  It took 3 stems per ball to make it really dense.   Thanks for looking!


Karen said...

Hi, I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. I just became a follower on yours. I love everything that you do, I could look at your blog forever! I have already been here for 45 minutes,LOL I will be back, I can't wait to look at every lable! Thanks again, Karen

4kids4 said...

What wonderful projects! Love your boyish! The cupcake card is very how you switched it up with Paper Lace...makes such a pretty card! TFS!

~Sharon C.

Shawn and Carla said...

I like the page composition with the stripes, scallops and backets, very tastefully done. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I love the scrapbook page. It's a nice, clean look and gives me another idea about what to do when I want a 4-square design, but the picture sizes don't match and can't be cropped to fit. I love your placement of the title and patterned paper to complete the square.

Thanks for sharing it!