Friday, November 5, 2010

Cupcake gift card holder and envelope svg

I got an email asking about a file I hadn't looked at in a while.   You can see the original one HERE done with George and DS .  This one is availible as an svg for one week on the link below.  To create the look of the wrapper I just used single strokes of a marker, the ribbon holds the gift card in place, envelope is inlcuded in the file.

Second I wanted to share my first Christmas card of November.  On the first I told myself I would do one a, today is the 5th and I still only have one.  Fortunately the kids have plans this evening so I will hopefully have time to catch up on the other 4.  The stocking is from Season of Joy.

Thanks for looking!

link expired


Laura said...

Thanks, Sweetheart! Tomorrow is my mom's 84th birthday, and she is at the age where a grocery store gift card is most appreciated, so this will at least make it LOOK cute! As usual, love your creativity!


How are the 4 cards coming along? I should be fixing dinner right now, but hubby says he's not hungry, so I play on.

Trisha said...

Good luck on our card a day project! Thanks for sharing the gift card cupcake!

marilyn said...

thanks so much for sharing this... what a cute idea!

Erika H said...

Thanks for sharing...very cute!