Monday, August 30, 2010

Caramel Apple Card svg

It is really starting to feel like fall here (yeah!).  So I spent some time today making some fall cards and projects.   Here is the Caramel apple card I did.  Its very simple and cuts out the base (red), the caramel (tan), an inside "apple" for writing on, and a tag.  All were created in inkscape.  You'll need a craft stick, and I suggest gluing the craft stick to the red base, then using mounting tape on the outer edges of the apple "core" over the top of the craft stick (so it sits flush and looks like the stick is in the apple :).

Here is another little quick project we did today for my friends kitchen, its just vinyl on tile, images are from the pooh cartridge.  She has a easel that it can sit on for her kitchen counter.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

15 Acres of beautiful

I haven't done much crafting this month because I've been busy with this dh and I just bought 15 acres to build on!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a Jar

I'm cleaning my cupboards and trying to "thin".  I have a bunch of jars I've been saving for one reason or another.  This was a jelly jar that I really liked the shape of.  I just couldn't throw it away so I decided to turn it into a vase for the bathroom.  I used Cindy Loo (I nudged/welded two of the borders together, then sized to fit the jar in DS..hint, use a string around the jar to know exactly how long to make the border).  I cut it from black vinyl, then added some stones and a ribbon around the threads of the jar...and then of course, added some fresh flowers from the yard.  Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Altered notebooks

I picked up a bunch of those composition notebooks a couple weeks ago at Target and started altering them for the neighbor kids for back to school.  I was down to my last two and decided I better make one for myself, so I made one for my house ideas (my hubby and I are thinking of building).  For mine I used Lacy Lables (Home, cut at 4 inch) and I just wrote in OUR in pen for a personal touch.   The key is just an uncut I bought from the hardware store, hopefully by next year it will have a door.   My other one I made for my niece.  I'm going to save it to go with her birthday gift for next month and I used Cindy Loo cut at 3.5 inch.  There are lots of great frames on that one, you could do one with each subject.  I love these because you can really make them for under $1, and make them in under 10 minutes.  You don't even need a cricut for these, leftovers from those part used scrap kits (you know you them) will work great!  Thanks for looking!
The step by step: 
 Pick two pieces of pattern paper, cut front piece to 9 3/4 by 7 in, and andhear to front (I use an atg gun right at the edge, but modgepodge or SU glue stick also work well).
Cut back paper to 9 3/4 by 10.  Use paper edge punch now if desired., adhear back piece (start at the back edge and wrap around the front since the back edges are hardest to line up).
Tie ribbon around book cover and add embellishments.
Use a file or sanding block to round corners and distress/smooth edges.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vinyl words on rocks

I can't count how many times the boys have had rocks in their pockets and then I find them clanking around in my dryer.  I can't get too angry, because they get that from me.  I can't go to the beach without grabbing a nice smooth rock (we have rocks here on our beach, not sand).  I grabbed these last week and thought it would be fun to put them in the boys' bathroom.  I used black oracal vinyl and the words were all from Home Accents (sized in DS to fit the rocks).  I think they would be really pretty around a candle too, but until the boys quit playing with paper airplanes, we will avoid candles and stick with seashells.  Thanks for looking!

Quickest card ever- Cindy Loo doily card

Quickest card ever, this is from Cindy Loo at 4 inch, I tied ribbon on the side, used gems in the flower centers, and put white cardstock in the writing space inside.  My mother wants some blank notecards to give as a gift, so this is one of those. It was so quick and I like it so much...I think I'll make more......