Monday, July 12, 2010

Do you like House Mouse?

I love house mouse stamps and I have several, but I'm too lazy to color them so  I rarely use them.  Recently my mom and I signed up for house mouse mailing list and for the daily squ-eek.  Each day they send you an image (available also as a stamp) but its already colored.  You also get product info when new things come out and coupons.  The images are low resolution but if you print them out at actual stamp size, they look great.  These are two I got recently.  I printed them on cardstock and then treated them just as a stamped image.  For the top one, the flower was a little more purple than I wanted so I went over it a bit with a pink prisma coloring pencil (I love those) so that it matched the paper I wanted to use (from the DCWV sweet stack).    If you love house mouse, you might want to sign up for the daily squ-eek, the link is:

On a side note, last night we had a bbq at dinner, then 3 hours later I started smelling smoke.  I had just been looking out in the cul-de-sac trying to figure out who was burning in the high wind (the fire station is literally across the street from my back gate and they'll get on you if your burning in wind) when my DH got a call from work.  As he walked around the corner to answer the phone he saw flames out back.  It only did a little damage, but it sure scared me.  I sent the kids to stay at Grandmas for the night just in case there is a flair up (and I considered sending my stamps and cricut too, lol) and then was up until late checking on it. Very scary, with the gusts and the size of the flames, we were very luck it was caught in time.  That lattice did go all the way across, and that was an igloo dog house (we don't have a dog, I was just saving it because we though we might be getting one soon), and a watering can.  No more bbqs anywhere near bark dust. 


Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Whoa, that is very scary... thank god you caught it when you did!
You are very clever, I don't like to stamp much due to havig to color them, & I love that little mousey! thanks for the info.

Sherri Auld said...

Thanks for the house mouse tip! Love their stamps and would be great to use in cards, but coloring is not my best skill. :-)

Denise From Boca said...

Thanks for the tip. I have printed a few from their daily squeak, and also from the framed prints area. You are right, they look fine printed out, and it is so much easier than stamping and coloring. I even used inkscape to add my sentiment. THen exported it as a .png file and printed it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the fire was spotted quickly and only minimal dammage.


rosie said...

Gosh, how scary for you, just shows how easily it's done! I love the mice too, but I love colouring. x