Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My attempt at sewing a purse

I have way to much time and not enough hobbies...HAHAHAHA.  Even so, I thought it would be fun to try sewing.  I had a sewing machine that I used for minor mending and sewing on cards/scrap pages but I didn't use it enough to justify storing it, so I sold it.  And as always happens, as soon as it was gone, I needed one.  But that was OK because costco had one that had a new one out with LOTS of fun stitches....and there was a coupon (yeah!).  So now to justify that expense, I have to learn to sew.  I've done some pattern-free stuff, but yesterday was the first time I bought a pattern and (mostly) followed it.  I ended up with an extra unused piece, and I sewed a seam where there wasn't supposed to be one, but other than that, it went pretty well (I don't follow instructions very well).  The flower on front was cut with Stampin Up big shot/flower fold die I borrowed from a friend - Thanks J.  The fabric was scraps from my moms house and a pair of old jeans ready for the trash.  I really want to buy the big shot scallop die and try some of those cute little purses people are making with that, but this will have to do for now.   I did this in a couple hours, I think the little pockets filled with goodies would make a great gifts, so I'm sure I will be making many more.

Look at all those fun stitches to do on cards and scrap pages....errr...I mean to sew with!  I used the loopy one on the top of the pockets -cute!


JustYolie said...

Your purse came out great! I have tons of fabric each purchased with a project in mind. I guess I should dust of my sewing my machine soon! LOL

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

your attempt is awesome! My mom bought me one a while back w/ 49 fun stiches - I am jealous yours has 79. I should try to make a diaper bag like that... just add some pockets - who am I kidding I don't have the first clue how to really sew, nor do I have much time to figure it out...I use mine for like you said minor repairs and paper projects... again great job on your purse!

Ryansmaama said...

I think your purse is lovely. As far as trying something new--"No Guts, No Glory"! -- Ryansmaama