Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scrap Ribbon Hair Clips

I made these for little neices, they are a great size for stuffing Easter eggs and also a great way to use up some scraps of ribbon. To make them:
Start with two strips of 9 inch ribbon - 1/2 inch or small works best

Fold ribbon and tie with brad or another smaller ribbon -1/4 organza or 1/8 ribbon satin works good, or just stich button.

Glue to ends only of clip.

I used hot glue for some and liquid glue for others, the liquid glue went through the ribbon but only the layer on the clip, so you can't see it (but I know its there). The hot glue doesn't seem as strong, but it has a much better finished look, so....whatever your prefference. They make for a fun, quick project. You can get a set of 12 clips at walmart for $1, so you could make quite a few for an inexpensive gift.


chriswooten57 said...

i love these what type of liquid glue did you use. did you say tie a ribbon around them to hold the bow in place


Crafty Sue said...

Wow, love these. Plan on making several for a baby shower! Too cute. TFS