Sunday, January 10, 2010

Songbird Card

Here is what started out as a very simple card with my new Songbird cartridge. I cut the house piece at 2 1/2, the white frame at 2 1/4, and the bird/branch at 1 3/4.

NOW let me tell you why this card took me well over 2 hours to make. So the first thing I went to cut was the branch at 2 inches. I ended up with a mess. Thinking I had the wrong setting for the paper, I tried adjusting the settings. I think I tried just about every possible setting combination, even a new blade and a new mat, and still got a mess. I went through countless pieces of paper, and tried several brands of paper. I was sure I either had a bad cartridge or broken cricut, so I tried a similar cut on my Storybook cart - same thing happened. Now I'm sure its the cricut. But before I give up I think, lets try a bigger size, maybe the cuts just won't do at the small size anymore - so I try 2 1/ great - YEAH! Then I try 2 1/4, still cuts great- really? Then, get this, I try 1 3/4, works great. All that time and paper waisted because it won't cut at 2 inch. I don't know why, maybe its always done that, usually I'm hooked to DS or SCAL, so maybe its always been that way and I never noticed. Chances are its just a glitch in my machine, but I wanted to tell my story anyway in the event someone should at some point have a similar problem, before you waist precious time and paper, before you throw that cricut from a second story window in frustration (no, I didn't do that, but it was close)....change the size.
here is a photo, the center mess is 2 inch

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