Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Cricut FAUX Nesties technique

If your a card maker, you have no doubt seen and wanted the NESTIES. If you have a cricut the cutting of the nesties is not a big draw as they are just dies cut 1/4 inch apart so you can nest them. For a cricut owner that just means turning the dial to a 1/4 inch difference between cuts. The one thing the nesties can do that the cricut can not is emboss the edges. I love the clean and professional look the embossed edge has. So much that I have actually been saving to buy some. I really wanted the simple shapes (I am sick of scallops) but in my cheepness thought I'd see if I could save myself and find a way to use what I have....and I did! I used the cricut to cut pieces of chipboard to look like the nesties, then ran them through the cuttlebug just like you would anything else you wanted to emboss and it worked lovely! I used about $5 worth of chipboard, but made the 4 sets I wanted most (circles, squares, rectangle, and curly label) which would have cost me over $100. I used the OUTLINE function on GEORGE for basic shapes- but any outline shape on any cartridge will work. You do have to use heavy chipboard(the raising of the embossing will be the same as the chipboard, thin cb and you just can't see it well), or cut two of each of thin chipboard and glue them together (like two layers of cereal box board). Instead of the fancy Nesties foam I used a sheet of that kids craft foam, which I cut into 4 and stacked. WARNING, cramming too much into your cuttlebug can crack the plate, so play with the number of foam sheets. You should not have to cram it in with all your force, but if it goes through without having to turn the crank, you need more foam. I used 3 sometimes and 4 sometimes, depending on the chipboard box I had used to create the die. They go in standard order: base plate, die, paper, foam, b plate.

You do not need a ds to do this, just change the dial by 1/4 inch. BUT if you want the look alikes for the labels you need ds (it is just the curly frame smooshed, .cut below- and I've seen lots of .cut files for the others). As with the real thing, after it is embossed you can turn it over to use for chalking/sponging or masking.

I started this with basic shapes in mind, but now...well now I'm experimenting will all sorts of things. And if you don't want the sponging/masking feature I found that the solid images worked great for embossing too. I'm keeping all my inside peaces for making backgrounds like embossing folders. An important tip: when you make them, right on them what they are so you can cut the same shape later and quickly find the corresponding die. Some embossed pieces:

If you want the scallops you'll probably still need to spend the money as the swivel action of the blade on the cricut does not make perfect scallops like the dies would. And I'm sure the nesties are lovely, and work great, but now I don't feel the need to spend the money. If you want basic shapes or the lables or just cricut shapes that nest, woo hoo, a little time and some cereal boxes, you could save $$$$ too. Hopefully I can get some cards posted with the finished embossed elements up soon. I was going to do that yesterday but my son came down with the flu, so of course, cuddling took priority over crafting.

Nestingcurlyframe.cut file

Here is my first completed card with my fake square nestie:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free paper alert!!!

All the folks from PaperTrunk have gone to CHA for loads of fun except for one lone person. She's not happy about having to stay behind so shes having fun of her own giving away amazing paper! Check it out HERE to enter the drawing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

un-Rolled Scrap Challenge page

Todays Scrapbook challenge on splitcoast is to make a page with only one sheet of designer paper and only one sheet of solid. Tougher than you might think! I cut up my white solid with the cricut to make the curly frame, title and corner flourishes (Storybook, HomeAccents). The border was done using a Martha Stuard arches border punch. Thanks Mom for the buttons! I took this picture when the boys were 2, I remember I was cleaning up one mess in the kitchen made by Carsten, while Andy was making this little mess for me. I thought it was so funny that I had to take a picture before I cleaned it up. With twins, the fun just never stops!

Chocolate bunny Easter card

I came across this stamp in my stash -Hallow Choclate has no calories- I've had it for years and never used it because I didn't have a bunny to go with it. Now I have SCAL so I can finally get my bunny and use the stamp. I know its early for Easter, but oh well. The bunny svg and bow svg are below. The sketch is for the splitcoast challenge. Thanks for looking

Saturday, January 24, 2009

7th Anniversary Page

Today I did my first non-children scrap page. It was nice to use pretty papers that I just don't get to use when I'm scrapping for little boys. The layout is for the Splitcoast weekly challenge, SBSC174. The brushes are from Obsidian Dawn, paper is from Jessica Sprauge.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bird Branch Welcom Vinyl

I had to take my wreath down today, its getting not so green, but I hate a bare door and its definitely not time for the colorful spring stuff yet. So, in a flash I made a new decoration for the storm door, a little springy, but not too much because its silhouette. This was made with DS and storybook (my absolute favorite cartridge). It is all welded to make it easy to apply, if you would like one for your door, the file is below.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cricut Gift Card Holder swap

I joined a cricut gift card holder swap at the beginning of the month and finally got around to doing it today. I've been a bit cupcake crazy in my card making lately so I thought it appropriate to make the gift card holder a cupcake too. As per swap rules, I will not be posting the cut file until after the swap ends. I made it with George and it is baby bug compatible. Due to the odd size, I included an envelope in the file. I used Stampin UP! stamps for the front of the envelope and for both verses (all three are from the Crazy for Cupcakes stamp set), the little cupcake is from another set, which I use all the time, but can't remember the name of. Thanks for looking, if you would like the file, please check back after the 1st.

UPDATE : JULY 11, 2013
The above file was created long ago when the Design Studio software came out.  That software is no longer available since pc now has a free online software to use instead.  If you had the old software and george basic shapes cartridge, then the link is still working and you can download it to your computer.  

For those needing a cupcake giftcard holder SVG I have also made that available... one for the cupcake, one for the 5 x 5 envelope it will fit in.  You can download those here:

Cupcake gc holder SVG file

Cupcake gc 5 x 5 envelope SVG

For those of you with a Silhouette, you can download silhouette files here:

Cupcake gc holder Silhouette Studio file

Cupcake gc holder 5 x 5 envelope for silhouette studio

If you have a cricut but no software, then you can sign up FREE with  Cricut Craftroom and hook you circut to your computer.  I loaned my cricut to a friend but as soon as it comes back I will make a file for the craftroom available.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woo Hoo - dollar bin at Micheals

I went to Micheals yesterday and had ooodles of fun. All the $1 goodies from Christmas were marked down to 33 cents. I got a whole bag full of alterables for under 10 bucks. Last week I was making some little note pad holders and needed small pens, I went to the office supply place and they were $1 EACH - crazy, go to Micheals and you can now buy the pad with a pen, ready to alter for 33 cents. They also have thank you cards packs, now I would not send such a thing (gasp) HOWEVER, I love to make sqare cards and sqare envelopes are hard to find and generally expensive. Go to Micheals and you can get 8 of them (no to mention you can reuse the cardstock from the card to stamp on) for....yup....33 cents. I generally stay away from clearance because I figure if you buy something your not going to use, no matter how cheep, your not saving money, but this one I couldn't pass up, and did I mention DP for 14 cents a sheet! Don't walk, RUN to Micheals and stock up! Now off to make some square cards, I'll be back with that later.

Lego-Mania DSC012

This weeks digital scrapbook challenge was to take a picture of everyday life and quickly scrap it (30 minutes), so here is my quick page - my kids playing with thier favorite toy - LEGO's

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mini Canvas

I was shopping at our local scrapbook store today (hoping to splurge on some nestabilites, but they didn't have any) and I saw these cute little mini canvas /esle sets. What fun! I stamped on a piece of designer paper, glued it on, then inked the edges and VOILA! I wish I would have bought more than one. This one is going to a friend for her birthday, hope she likes it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Circle punch art

I am totally doing a happy dance today! I have been trying for WEEKS to figure out how to type in a circle in Photoshop so that the bottom half reads upside-right. I have poored over tutorials with no luck, until today! Now I can write in the bottom half and make cute little punchables! This is my first one (hard to tell the xoxox is right side up, but trust me, it is), hope someone can use it. Download .jpg and print as usual (be sure print is set at 8 1/2 by 11 to fit the punch), use a 1 1/4 inch circle punch to punch it out - there are 9 on the sheet.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week One of my New Years resolution: SPLASH

My resolution (I rarely make them because I rarely keep them) was to do one scrap page per week. Today is the 7th, so here is my week one scrap page. I used PSE6, papers are from scrapgirls. I chose to do something summery, because its been cold and stormy here, this warms my heart to look at.

What a great way to start my day....

Thank you so much to Susan at Busy with the cricky for sending this fabulous award my way. Now I'm supposed to list 5 obsessions and then pass the award to 5 other fabulous blogs.
I'm a bit of a OCD/type A/whatever you want to call it type person, so I have lots of quirks and obsessions, her is the "shortened to 5" list:

1: Pretty paper

2: All things Photoshop, from processing and scrapping photos of my beautiful little boys to NOW creating jpgs(for svgs) to cut with my cricut! Its so much fun, I have a hard time getting away from my computer.

3: Organizing tools/totes, anything-organizing my craft supplies is almost as much fun as using them

4: Coffee - I live in the Pacific Northwest, its a requirement

5: Hiking (again, its a requirement)

Put it all together and you have a perfect day, a stop at Starbucks on the way to a hike, lots of photos kids and beauty around me, then come home and scrap it with photoshop, cricut, and pretty paper :) Ahhh, that sounds lovely. I can't wait for Spring!

Now 5 other Fabulous blogs, well, there are lots of them...but I'll go with:


Monday, January 5, 2009

Valentines Day Card, SVG and paper freebie

I can't believe it is the 5th already. I have been spending every spare moment this week either working on my 2008 year in review book (still not done) or reading tutorials on Photoshop. I thought I'd post my first attempt at pattern paper and making an svg in Illustrator. Nothing fancy, but not bad for a first try. The patterned paper is available in dots (I was learning pattern fill) or stripes (I was learning how to make stripes with brushes), the ric rak svg is posted a couple posts down (I cut it in red, then covered it in Dazzling Diamonds) and the Be Mine svg is attached below. If anyone knows some great tutorial sites for changing scanned sketches in svgs, please leave a link in the comments. I have some I'd like to share but I'm having a hard time learning Illustrator well enough to get them from paper to svg. Have a great day!

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