Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tomorrow is Chirstmas, its practically here!

I made more of my Christmas gifts this year than ever before, and while its been a bit busy the past month, its been a lot of fun. So much so, that I'm already thinking of next years projects. There are a couple of threads going on the splitcoast forum that are strictly gift and craft show ideas. I've spent hours reading them and they are full of fun ideas that I've bookmarked for next year-but this time I'm starting earlier (I say that every year).

A few of my family read my blog so I haven't wanted to post, but today they will be here so I think its safe now. If you are family, please stop reading now, no peeking!

Now keep in mind that part of the fun, is that I kept each gift under $3 (not counting my stock items, like etching cream or essential oil) because my siblings and I are not supposed to exchange gifts.... but I figure if its under $3 it doesn't count.

Harley Davidson etched mug:

Etched Bath Salts Jar:

For this one I used the bath tub from Everyday Paper Dolls, and the font from Storybook (done in DS). The epsom salts are Eucalyptus mint (I had no idea these were so easy to make, this will be high on my make list for next year).

Vinyl Tile

Napkin Coasters:

Card Gift Set

This little purse was made with my score-pal, inside I have 6 handmade cards with 6 handmade (on my cricut, plantin, cut at 6 inch) matching envelopes.

The cards inside (2 bday, 2 TY, and 2 Thinking of you)

And my favorite was 4x6 pocket calenders. These are just digital calender/digital stamps (stampin up from My digital studio, scrapgirls, and shabbyprincess), that I had printed out as regular 4x6. I will definitely be doing this again, but this next year, I want to do it early. I bought a psd file with the layout and thought it would be easy/quick and was just supposed to be an add on type gift. Not so, it took many hours...but they were fun hours and I love the finished project. I won't post all 12 pages, yikes, but here is a sample. Oh, and the best part of this is that once your done, you can print out as many as you like!

Today I have 7 dinner guests coming, 2 spending the next 3 days at my house. 2 more coming tomorrow to stay here 2 days. Its going to be a house full, pretty crowded for my tiny house, but so much fun! Now I'm off to make some cookies for my guests. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


jessnlinda said...

Happy Holidays!! I do enjoy your blog very much thank you for all your wonderful projects. Can you share what you used to do the Mug? i have friends that would love those. thanks

paperscissorsink said...

Thank you! My wonderful mother got me equiptment for making video tutorials. I can't wait to try so I'll make a etching one very soon. I do have another mug posted a few days earlier with the supply list and written instructions.
Happy Holidays!

Miriam said...

will you share your file for the tile?

paperscissorsink said...

Hi, the file is not mine to share, sorry.

Kim said...

The napkin coasters are beautiful! How did you make them?


Totally Purple said...

I love the Harley Davidson etched mug. Do you have the cut file? And if so, are you sharing? I would love to make that for a friend of mine.