Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chrismas cookies for the neighbors

I saw something similar to this last Christmas, someone selling boxes of mix with a cookie cutter and cute tag so people could make their own cookies (it was a craft fair item I think). I thought it was adorable and have been holding on to it all year. So that is what all my neighbors friends got this year (the ones with kids). I used holiday bags because I'm just too short on time to make anything, then I found a box of mix at costco that contained 6 individual bags of sugar cookies. For each one I wrapped a belly band of holiday patterned paper and a print out of the cooking instructions. I added 4 cookie cutters (box of 24 is $5.99 at Micheals), some sprinkles, three bags of homemade frosting (in sealed Wilton bags, so all they have to do is snip the end) and a tag (cut from my cricut).

Then I wrote this little poem to go with it:

We baked you some cookies,
It took us all day.
They looked really yummy
So I’m sorry to say,
we just had to sample,
we thought only one,
But we couldn’t stop…
and now you have none.
We could bake another
batch for you here,
but the same thing would happen
to those, I do fear.
If you’re ever to get them,
we think the best fix,
Is to just give you the icing,
the cutters and the mix.

It is a fairly quick and easy way to go, except for making the frosting. Turns out my Kitchen Aid mixer does not like a 4x batch of frosting. Do-able- but there was a lot of flying powdered sugar, I'd just do 2 batches at a time. For those who won't make the cookies within 2 weeks, you could also just put a can of purchased frosting.

Quick, simple, and under $5 per gift.


Snatertje said...

this is so cute, the poem is great, love this idea.

cricutlover20 said...

That is the cutest thing Ive ever seen!! Great job and thanks for the inspiration. But let me say ..yourr a gal! Wish I had your get up and Thanks for sharing, Cindy

Tanya said...

Wonderful idea. That poem is the cutest!