Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Days left, glass etched mug

AHHHHH! I have only 10 days left to finish a mountain of gifts for family, friends and neighbors! The kids are only scheduled to have two days of school this week, and I have a feeling today will be delayed or canceled due to snow. No school next week, how I am going to get everything done????

Last night I tried glass etching for the first time for a gift for my nephew. It went ...OK...just OK. Fortunately I had bought 2 mugs, because I messed up the first one. The etching cream says 60 seconds, I did 15 minutes to be safe. WEll, that wasn't safe enough. The second time I just let it dry overnight, and it worked much better. If you want to try, you'll need a glass/plate/vase, some etching cream, and some vinyl (I used cheep vinyl book covers from the dollar store).

1. Cut your letter or shape (I used R in Old English font)
2. Weed out the part you want etched

3. Transfer to glass (I use clear contact paper for my transfer medium)

4. Cover with etching cream

5. Wait....wait....wait some more
6. Rinse - your done!


Kraftychick said...

I had a similar problem - I did leave the cream about 15 mins. and there were still spots that didn't take - so I will try to leave it for several hours and see how that works! I also need to get the clear contact paper as a transfer medium 'cause getting that vinyl on a rounded glass is almost impossible (at least, very difficult) - thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

I use plain old contact paper instead of vinyl! It's cheaper! Also, make sure you goop it on. It's such an easy gift to make isn't it!!

Anonymous said...

How did you make the letter to the size you wanted?