Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glittered Leaf card

I love fall leaves and I can't help but pick them up as I walk down the sidewalk. They usually end up in the trash because I just don't know what to do with them, but when I saw these maple leaves on a neighbors tree I knew they had to be glittered. I have seen this done before but I had never tried it....couple of tips I learned the hard way: make sure your leaves are good and flat/dry, do not use modgepodge and do not try and run a dry leaf through a Xyron (that was a disaster). My next try was Aleenes regular tack glue - works perfect. Cover your dry leaf with glue then cover with glitter - soooo pretty and each one unique! For the card base I used an svg from Penny at http://www.pennyduncancreations.com/ . She has several of the lace card svgs. I used another one to do the card at the bottom, and I'm sure I will be doing many more (thanks Penny!). Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Oh Shirley...These are GORGEOUS ma'am!!! BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! Thank you SO much for letting me see and for being so sweet to mention my blog!!!! You're a sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

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