Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tombstone Treat box

Heres a simple treat box, nicely holds 2 fun sized candy bars. The Gray one is made with SCAL, the black is made with DS and Paperdolls. There are two pages on the DS file- one with pddu and George, one with pddu and Plantin Schoolbook, something for everyone! If this is toooooo scary for you, check my Witch Hat treat HERE. You can make 2 boxes per 12x12 sheet of paper.
Thanks for looking, and for your comments. Files are below!

Design Studio PSI_TombstoneTreat.cut

SCAL PSI_TombstoneTreat.scut

Saturday, September 26, 2009

3D Tissue Box House for your Cricut DS

One of the main reasons I got Woodland was to make tissue houses (the other was to make spooky Halloween houses, that is yet to come). WELL, turns out none of the houses in Woodland work for tissue houses, the dimensions are not quite right, the chimneys are too small, and the way they laid them out, you have to use huge sheets of paper. So I had to make one using Plantin Schoolbook and DS. I made the file so that you make front/side on one 81/2 by 11 and back/side on another sheet. No need for big paper. This is for a purchased tissue box (I bought walmart brand and made it to fit). I did make the door from Woodland, just to justify my buying the cartridge, but you could just use a rectangle for the door if you didn't have that cart. Also if you have SCAL and trial version of DS/Plantin Schoolbook, you should still be able to cut the basic house with the plain door. The windows on the file come with the background and the frames, so you can decorate inside the house (notice my shades, curtains and even a little pumpkin!). I ran the roof parts through the cuttlebug (argyle folder) for texture. When assembling, use GOOD adhesive - I use the red stick strip kind, otherwise, when you tug to take a tissue, your roof will come off. I made the little leaves on the wreath with doodlecharms at 1/2 inch. I have some photos below to aid in assembly. My kids want one now that looks like a castle...hum. Thanks for looking, and for your feedback!
Cut your pieces with this file:
Score roof at 1.5, 3, 4.5 and 6 inches
Attach tabs - do the three I have marked first, then bend the roof to the correct angle before securing the last tab (view from under the roof) Assemble house around box and secure roof to tabs with GOOD adhesive, pull tissue through chimney

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My newest cart- From my Kitchen

This cartridge is so stinking cute! I have plans to use this one a lot and start making myself some cookbooks and recipe cards, but just to "test" it, I made a quick batch of cards. The verse is a stamp from Great Impressions. I used the Tea pot (looks like a percolator to me) set at 2 1/2 inches and I used SU Dazzling Diamonds on the white reflection parts. I made six of them, hopefully I can get them all mailed today! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peanut Butter Cup Box for DS

This is done with George and is Baby Bug compatible. It includes tick marks for easy folding/scoring. For the spiderweb one, I also used paper dolls and the free digital stamp in the previous post, cut from black and then used white craft ink on the web. To close that one I used a tiny bit of Velcro, the others close at the top. Thanks for looking!

Happy Cutting!

Too early for Halloween?

Is it too early to think Halloween? Probably, but I'm doing it anyway. Here is a practice card, next time I think that web will be bigger, too much blank space... but I thought I'd post it anyway so you can see the freebies! The web is an svg, and has a tail on it for hanging a spider, but that can be cut off by hand (as I did) or removed in inkscape if you want it plain. I find I can't cut spiders with my cricut, how people do those intricate cuts is beyond me, so instead I made a quick digital stamp. Its design to use with a circle punch and says "creeping on by with a Halloween "HI". It is also available free down below. If you haven't used digital stamps, here's how:

Save your stamp (this one is a jpg.)
open your favorite word type software
Insert picture (so be sure you remember where you saved it, I keep a file called "digital stamps")
Size to whatever you like (I made mine 1 1/4 so I could use my circle punch)
Print on cardstock

Thanks for looking!


Digital Stamp PSI_Creepingonby.jpg

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let it Snow Card From Winter Woodland, DS

I just got the Winter Woodland cart and wanted to try it out. I made a card or two with WW and DS. They are the same except colors. I used chunky diamond dust on the SNOW and snowflakes. Its really neat stuff, I've had it forever and not used it - or even know what to do with it. It was in a lot I bought and its just been floating around for years, but today when I couldn't find a glitter to match my blue paper (shocking because I have soooo many colors) I decided to give this a try and I'm so glad I did, Its super sparkly! File is below for the card in A2 (4.25 by 5.5 inch). This is a Design Studio file. Thanks for looking!

Fall Leaf Card and border SVG for SCAL

It is just killing me not to buy (all) the new Martha Stuart around the corner punches. I had them in my hand at Micheals but 4 punches was more than new cartridge - so I opted for the cartridge (winter woodland). Now I just want both. The bad side of the punches is that they only do certain sizes to match up to the corner punch and it doesn't work out for a standard A2 size card. Also I scrap 8x8 and it doesn't work for that size either (the corner/border sets work for 12 x 12, not 8x8). I'm trying to talk myself out of it, I have no use for them.....yet still I want them! To calm the urge to return to Micheals, I created this card. I'm also posting the 12 inch border below. The leaves it cuts out make great fall confetti! I did sponging on the inside of the card to make the leaves pop a bit. And I can use the png to now cut the borders in my digital scrap page (still convincing myself). I don't need that punch set, right? Ahhhhh! Maybe I'll feel better if I make a spiderweb one. The card svg is below. Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach Fort Scrap page

I found a fun site for digital elements, its called Just so Scrappy (see my blog roll for link). Great stuff, great prices. I sure wish she wouldn't play music on her blog (I try to avoid blogs that make me listen to their music when I'm trying to enjoy quiet computer time) but other than that, fun place to shop. This was all from one kit, it came with 150+ items for $1.50. The font is Girls are Weird. Layout is todays scrapbook challenge on SCS. Thanks for looking.