Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cricut Dino Cake

My boys just turned 6! We were going to make a dinosaur shapped cake, but the neighbor borrowed the dino cake pan (4 months ago) and just couldn't seem to get it back to me. I offered to make dinos to put on top and they LOVED the idea. They helped me cut them (they are from paper dolls), color them and then they glued them to sticks. I did mirror images of them, so they could be glued back to back to hide the stick. Then the only decorating I had to do was add some "grass". The boys got to put in the dinosaurs in their cake and poof - quickest cake I've ever made! OK, maybe not the best looking, but they are 6 - they said it was "awsome" and thats all that really matters :) Thanks for looking!


B said...

very cute should do centerpieces and let them help...easy and cute and they will love them and love changing them out.
Now I NEED to make a cake! thanks for sharing.

Sherri said...

This was an adorable cake, and YUMMY too!!