Friday, June 19, 2009

My boys at 5, 5 year mesh svg for SCAL

My boys just turned 6, I'm still in shock. They are growing way too fast. I didn't have a "birthday" page to do this year, so instead I did the 5 year page. The mesh is linked if you would like to make one for your kids/grandkids. It is an svg, I did cut it and it cut great, although I ended up doing a digital page because I just couldn't find paper I liked for the journaling strip. If you would like the png file instead for digital scrapping, please email me. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More lattice style cards for Cricut, DS and SCAL

I had a request to make a side lattice card and I tried my best to do it in DS, but it had double lines and I just could see how to do it without an enormous amount of time, so these two were the best I could come up with. The are a more traditional single lattice. They are both with George and DS and on a single file, final card size is 4.25 by 5.5. File is : HERE
I was able to do the double lines with SCAL, that one looks like this:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cricut DS Swing Flip card

There was some talk on the boards of not being able to make a swing card with the cricut. In SCAL this is an easy task, but in DS its a bit more challenging. I like a good challenge so I thought I'd give it a try. This is done in George, baby bug OK. I put the mats on the second page, but included the dimensions, they could easily just be done by hand. For this one I used Stampin' UP Inspired by Nature stamp set. The FAITH charm is metal/purchased, and the bible verse is just printed out. The butterfly is my newest Martha punch. I punched it once out of yellow, then once out of vellum, and tied the two together with black string. I tied the knot at the top so it would look like little antenna (I'm feeling rather cleaver for that :)

If you don't have a cricut and you want to make a swing card, you can find great instructions here (actually good to see anyway, so you can see the scoring at 32 3/4 and 4 1/4):

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cricut Dino Cake

My boys just turned 6! We were going to make a dinosaur shapped cake, but the neighbor borrowed the dino cake pan (4 months ago) and just couldn't seem to get it back to me. I offered to make dinos to put on top and they LOVED the idea. They helped me cut them (they are from paper dolls), color them and then they glued them to sticks. I did mirror images of them, so they could be glued back to back to hide the stick. Then the only decorating I had to do was add some "grass". The boys got to put in the dinosaurs in their cake and poof - quickest cake I've ever made! OK, maybe not the best looking, but they are 6 - they said it was "awsome" and thats all that really matters :) Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ice Cream Cone Cricut SVG

Ice cream anyone? This is an svg file for use with SCAL. I actually have two files, the first one has little hatch marks that cut into the cone, the second I took out those nodes so that it would just be plain and I could emboss lines instead (I used my bone folder). I'm attaching both, you can decide which way works best for you. The ice cream is the same on both files, a rounded scoop part and a bottom piece to go on top for the edges of the ice cream. I used pop dots for added dimension and dazzling diamonds on the edges (of course!). I didn't make an Cricut DS one because they already have ice cream cones on several carts, BUT if you're looking for a cool treat card for DS, please check my popcicle card here .

Ice cream cone svg with hatchmarks

Framed Oval Strorybook Cricut card

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL. I've been spending lots of time outside, not so much in my craft room. I did come in today to make a card for our school speech lady. She's been working with my boys to learn their "s" 's and "f"'s (which is kinda funny because the boys always say they are going to practice their "s" words or "f" words, I'm sure anyone else listening to that would think I'm teaching them bad words, lol). Anywhoo, today is their last one before Summer break so I'm taking a card and some flowers for all her hard work. This was made with DS and Storybook only. The file contains 2 pages/cards, the regular oval and a scalloped oval. Each page has the card base, the two layers and another one for inside in case you use pattern or dark paper and need a place to write. I made a card with the scalloped one, but it looked like...well, a "s" word. lol. So I won't post it. Have a great day!

Framed oval card

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cricut Storybook sizable borders

I needed a border the other day so I made a new set with the Storybook cart. I thought I'd just post the file, in case someone else needed it. 5 of the 6 are made "sizable" meaning I used nudge within a box. If you need them true 12 inch, just change the mat to 12 x 24 and drag the corner so that the length is 12 inch.

Cricut Calla Lilly SVG

Not my favorite card to make, but sometimes it must be done. This calla Lily gave me some problems. I couldn't find one I liked (or that matched what was in my head) so I had to draw one (FYI...I can't draw). Then I had to wade through a ton of legos to get to the computer with SCAL. Then the scanner wouldn't talk to the computer. Then the mouse wouldn't talk to SCAL...ugh. After all that, I sure hope someone can use a calla Lily! If you download, please leave me some love, I need it right now! In the mean time, I think I'll have a glass of wine.
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