Sunday, May 24, 2009

To the Moon scrapage, Cricut Rocket Ship SVG

I should be outside working in the yard, but instead I'm enjoying quiet time in the house scrapping while everyone else is outside. Here is a layout from this weeks Splitcoaststampers challenge. The letters are Plantin, the rocket was done with SCAL. If you are a DS person, I also have an all George rocket
HERE . This was my boys last winter. They made the hats in preschool out of milk jugs, then spent a few rainy days taking trips to the moon :) Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A project finally complete!

I started this project back in November, then it became to "to do" pile on my desk that I have sense moved about 100 times. Yesterday I was moving it AGAIN and decided I needed to just finish it or pitch it. This was a chipboard accordion album I bought and took apart. Then I decoupaged on some paper, inked the edges and added eyelets/ribbon. The words and frames are from Home Accents (the frame was altered in DS to fit my photos). Then I mounted them to a 12 x 12 canvas - which I was also tired of moving around the room and didn't know what to do with. Now its done and on the wall-yeah!. If I could just finish a couple more projects, I might be able to see my desk top again! Thanks for looking, happy Friday!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fathers Day Recliner Card - Cricut DS and SCAL

My brothers favorite thing to do is to sit in his recliner for hours and watch cars zoom around an oval track on his big tv. For me this would be as exciting as watching paint dry. All his kids are grown and out of the house, so he probably (hopefully) will really get to spend his Fathers Day doing just what he loves. I made this card for him, I know he wont see it posted here because he never checks my blog. I guess my card making/scrapping is as exciting for him as Nascar is for me, lol. I used DS and George to do the original file and then converted to svg for you SCAL users. It didn't come out quite as I'd hoped, but hopefully you can still tell its a chair. I used a stylus to emboss the buttons on the back and the swirls on the chair and then printed right on the card with the computer (rest, relax, ENJOY!). Before I made this into a card I made just a chair (4 inch), I have that cut file too, good for journaling or on top of a card (instead of a shaped cards) or if you have only a baby bug - you can email me for that one if you need it. For all chairs, assemble in order: base, seat, arms, then foot rest on top. Files are attached below. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Magic Potion - scrappage

What is it about little boys and these disgusting concoctions? My boys will make soup, cake, salad, name it...using the same basic ingredients in the back yard. Last week it was magic potion, doesn't it look yummy? So all you digital scrappers...there is a great freebie kit over at shabbyprincess . That's where I got the little element for the ingredients list. Head over and grab it, it has lots of fun stuff in it. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Simple Notecard With DS and SCAL

We've been off in Oregon visiting family. I took a stack of catalogs to look at along the (long) drive. One of the catalogs I had was the spring Close to My Heart catalog. So many pretty things to look at, but what caught my eye was a little pre-cut card kit. It was such a nice shape, simple, pretty, and very cricut-able. Here are my versions. The one in the catalog was the same basic shape as the one on the left (cream with pink/brown flowers - SU Inspired by Nature stamps). To make it I used DS, put a card size on the mat using Plantin, then cut the edge with a shape from storybook. The other two I did with Plantin only. I used the rectangle, but then used the brackets and the hide contour feature to hide one side of the brackets. I did make one in SCAL too (just of the one one the left 'cus I like the point up best), so I could adjust the size, but then I can hardly ever get to the computer that has SCAL on it, I don't know how useful it will be to have. Files are attached if you need them. Double sided paper works great for these.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 Cute at Two - SCAL Number Mesh

I oogle over the meshes every time I go to the LSS so I thought I'd try my hand at making some. I started with 2, as per a request, but I think my next one will be all numbers (there's a cute one in my scrapbook magazine I've had my eye on). I did cut this on SCAL and it came out very cool on scrap paper, but then when I went to do my "real" paper, it slipped...of course! So I know it works, but in my frustration I made it digital. My resolution was low as Inkscape crashes when you import a big file, so I don't know if it will print nice. I might have to just go get another piece of matching blue paper and try again. I should know better than to use textured cardstock on something even moderately intricate - its just a recipe for disaster. But even if I have to start over at least my layout and tag are ready :) Thanks for looking. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hydrangea cards - Cricut DS and Home Accents

I love hydrangeas and I've been thinking that I need to buy the Martha punch, but I can never seem to get up there before my coupon expires. I thought I'd try to just make one with cricut and I found that one of the shapes on HA works nicely (with a slight alteration). There are two styles on the file, one for big hydrangea and one for small flowers to just layer over a flourish (second card). I started with purple/blue swirly paper to simplify the coloring process. I used a gold pen for accents and put some of the flowers on pop dots for dimension. For the leaves on the larger card I wanted a more embossed look rather than layered look, so I cut both layers from the same color cardstock. File attached, thanks for looking.

Hydrangea CUT

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cricut Lattice Card topper and folded flowers

These are both simple, but versatile files. The first is a lattice card topper, the lattice part goes over most of the card, but I left part blank for stamping or ribbon. It is done all in George and baby bug compatible. The vine is on the second page of the same file, it is home accents, but could easily be left off if you wanted to use something from another cartridge. The second freebie file for today is a fold over flower. I love these because they look like the ones I make with frosting for cakes....ummmm, cake. The flower is make with Plantin, it includes 4 flowers and 4 leaves. I always do flowers in odd numbers, but I put 4 flowers on the file because I usually mess one up. To make the flowers, twist and fold each petal at 90 degree angle (see photo below). Thanks for looking, enjoy!

Lattice card topper
Folded flower