Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Design Studio Problems

I had some major DS problems the past couple days. I have had this program a long time and never had problems before, but yesterday and over the weekend it just kept closing on me and losing my files. I went to the board for help and found several others complaining of the same type of issues-all recent. I'm thinking that with the new software coming out, they have this one set to self destruct. Then we all have to buy the new one, pretty cleaver! In the mean time I finally finished my file (which I will post later today) by following some tips from other users. I wanted to pass them on so others might avoid the pain and suffering associated with loosing a file.

1: Never save at 200% zoom -switch back to normal view first -pretty sure this is the one that did it for me

2: Never make your slits or tick marks smaller than .1 inch (now I know I've done this before with no problems, why its a problem now I don't know, but Carla said so and she knows her DS)

3: When in doubt, hit the "save as" and rename as a version, rather than the save button. I was saving my project as I went along, but when it crased it wiped it out - and it wouldn't go back to the last save. You just don't know when you will get that message, so have a backup version.

Ready to see my project? Its coming soon.....

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eunice said...

Thanks for the tips. I really need to do a back up for my files now!