Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Pooh Cart

I had no intention of buying the pooh cart as I have boys and pooh seems more girly, but then I was needing a kite and an umbrella and found them both on the Pooh cart. Upon closer examination, I found that the pooh cart is so full of fun stuff -lots of boys stuff, plus great stuff for, trees, bugs, gardening stuff. So even if you arn't a Pooh fan, check it out, it has lots of hidden treasures (kinda like that paper dolls cart). And, it goes pretty cheep on ebay. I bought it for $25 + $2 ship, cheep enough for me to justify buying it. I just got it a couple days ago and needed to test it out, this is probably the only time I will use pooh for the characters (maybe, they are pretty cute). For the Mat I used George and DS, file attached, it also has a shadow on the file. I had planned to do a coordinating green but of course, the paper slipped and I didn't have another so I decided I could do without. Font is SU, with SCAL.
These are my boys when they turned 1. Wish I could make them 1 again, now they are almost 6! No, I'm not that behind in my scrapping, but I didn't start scrapping until they were 2 (who has time with twins babies runnin around) so now I'm going back and doing baby pages. Thanks for looking!


scraphappypaperjunkie said...

Tigger and Roo are so adorable! Love the page! I have been looking at this cartridge also but not sure about it b/c my girls are 14 & 9. I may have to check it out again and look at all the extras. I wasn't sure about the paper dolls cart either but got it on sale and use it all the time! Love those hidden treasures.

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