Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few cards with Cricut and Cuttlebug

Here are a couple more cards I've made with my cricut and cuttlebug. I am posting a file below that contains 5 pages, each with a template. They include the leaves and square shapes used in yesterdays post, as well as diamonds (which look suspiciously like a cuttlebug folder I've been wanting, wink, wink), stars, and a retro-y square one. The leaves are from AE, all other is george only. Hint for making this if you are using DS, start by making your square, the final size you want your template (usually 4.25 by 5.5, or 4 x 5.25 if you want a border) then fill in with your design. If you want your items welded- like with my diamonds pattern, use the positive space for your embossing template, if you don't want them touching, use the negative space (like the stars). If you don't have ds, you could easily make the non-welded templates just by positioning your blade, cutting your shapes, then trimming to the 4.25x 5.5 size.

Happy Crafting!

Coming up next, some spring paper piecing projects for scrapbook embellishments :)
templates (see yesterday for other 2 of 5)
The file with all 5 :


Anonymous said...

Thank you.


Norine said...

love the cards really pretty
BTW I tried the embossing with card stock and it worked like a charm Your the best thanks so much for the great idea

4paws said...

You are sooo wonderful! Thank you for sharing this idea and your files. I will definitly be using these. Thank you so much!

Snatertje said...

wow this is so great, I hope to get me a cuttlebug next week, thanks so mutch.

take care, Linda

Marjorie said...

Thanks for sharing such neat files.

springlaker said...

such a great job!! i am new to this and am wondering what are the rules for making cards and selling them?? just locally at a store??? cricut and cuttlebug and stamp owner?? open for your advise, opinion??

--sme said...

WHAT FUN!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sophie's Momma said...

I just discovered this post but the link doesn't seem to find the file. Could you email it to me? TIA!

Anonymous said...

I also discovered this link doesn't take me to the file. Please HELP!!