Monday, March 2, 2009

Embossing with your cricut cuts: NO FOLDER REQUIRED

This one was done with an image from Storybook, sized to 4 by 5.25 in DS

I've been saving this one, but I can't hold back any don't need folders, you don't even need chipboard. A couple weeks ago I started making simple shapes for embossing with chipboard (see my Faux Nesties technique). I of course wanted to turn that into cuttlebug embossing folders, but the chipboard was just too hard to cut, time consuming, ruining my blades/mats and you just can't get an even mildly intricate shape with chipboard. So I turned to cardstock. Turns out if you cut your delicate shape from heavy cardstock (I use 80 lb from Stampin UP), and just glue three together (2 works if you have 100 lb cardstock), you have yourself a nice sturdy template. The other thing you need is a piece of plumbers rubber (I learned about this from heartprints she has great cuttlebug tutorials and uses the rubber to do partial embossing of her folders) . I bought1/16th inch, you'll only need one sheet you'll use over and over - it was $0.79 at the local hardware store. What a bargin! is the sandwich you need bottom to top:
A plate
B plate
Plumbers rubber
Your paper you wish to emboss
Your homemade template
B plate
shim cardstock (see note)

NOTE: It will be a little loose and you want it as tight as a real folder, so shim it with 2-3 pieces of scrap card stock (they go on top of the last b plate). It sounds like a lot, but its not, once you do it it a couple times, it will be old hat - and you'll be doing it a lot!

If your doing simple shapes, you can still use chipboard and use the same sandwich, but you won't need to shim it. This is now my preferred sandwich for the "faux nesties".

I have a folder started of "folders/templates" that work well. I will post tomorrow if anyone needs ideas, but I'm guess you all want to come up with your own.

Another sample using Gorge, this will be one of 5 on tomorrows file.


eiyiyi said...

Oh Shirley, you are the queen of it. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

True genius! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. This opens up endless possibilities. I'll be back tomorrow to see your files.

Anonymous said...

How cute! This was such a great idea - after your first posting - I wanted to try it - but I didn't have any chipboard...I tried, instead, with an old cricut mat that had long ago lost all hope of stickiness...I had to cut the image 3 times - but it worked like a charm! Anyway - just a suggestion on other material that could be used!

PS - thanks for the suggestion on the plumbers rubber!

gardengirl3 said...

oh beans!!!! I am so excited...thanks so much for sharing!!!!!! You are sooooo smart!

Marianne said...

What a great idea!

Yvonne said...

Just tried it and very impressed! Thanks for sharing.

Marjorie said...

Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful idea, one in which I would never have thought about.

poohbear said...

Thank you for sharing.
This is a wonderful idea.
Take care.

DemAllens said...

Thanks!!! I am new to paper crafting and love your site. After reading this blog, I ran right ti the store to purchase supplies.

Any ideas for creating stamps? I purchased the kit by Cricut, but I prefer saving money!!

Again, thanks for the ideas!!!

Christy said...

Thanks for this information... I was making my own folders out of plastic pocket folders you can buy in school supplies... but it is very time intensive putting the two sides together to line up... the plumbers rubber is an awesome idea! I will give it a try! Thank you so much!

LEEANN said...

I love it. I am going to have to try this technique. TFS

Jill said...

thanks so much for what you have done for us all!! I purchased foam rectangles 45 for 4.95 at Walmart and they work great. We don't have Lowe's in Canada. With SVG free files and now this for making our own cuttlebug files we are off and RU"N"NI"NG!!!

Lori said...

I tried this technique after I saw your blog post and it works like a charm! Thank you.