Thursday, February 19, 2009

Party Hat Card

Seems like I always have grown up cards, but never kids cards...which is what I really need the most. So I decided today to whip up a stack of kids cards to have ready for the next birthday party. This is a simple design, I used design studio and george, I put an eyelet in the top for added strength, then added ribbon (curling ribbon works great). Its cheep, its quick, and its cute! I made this a little smaller than a standard card so that with the ribbon it would still fit in a standard size envelope.

I'm in the process of changing hosts for my files. I was using sendspace and they were running some very undesirable adds while the files were loading. I am now using mediafire, hopefully they won't start doing the same thing. That said, I have no controll over the ads run on free host services. If you subscibe to the service you don't have to see the ads while you wait, I have no idea what they charge. I can subscribe for direct links but I checked and its horribly expensive and I can't pay to give away my files, I'd rather spend my money on new crafting toys :)

party hat .cut


Anonymous said...

This little party hat card is adorable. It looks like it will be so easy and quick to put together, too!! Thank you so much for your willingness to share with me.


Denise From Boca said...

That is cute! I needed a kids card yesterday, and sent a boring, printed card that must have been 10 years old(as my kids are now 20 and 24!!!!). I could have whipped up one of these! Thanks for the ideas...and a good idea to make up a few to have one hand!

Norine said...

these are just adorable