Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flower Pot card - Cricut DS, Geoge

My friend/Stampin Up demo gave me a lovely flower pot card last week and I thought I would make a cricut version to give my mom for her birthday. I used George for the card, then used leaves from home accents. The leaves could easily be deleted from the file and replaces with leaves from a cartridge you have, or left out entirely. The file is just stems with dots on the top (on the pull out part), so that you can adhere any ol' flowers you want. I used some from a purchased embellishment package for Mom's card, the colors are Ruby Red (SU) and Sage shadow (SU). Notice the pull out part would also be a great size for a gift card (I was getting my mom a GC for a nursery for her birthday, which is why I thought the flower pot would be cute.
File is attached below, enjoy!

Here is the one I got from Jael
All supplies are Stampin' UP!:
Here is the cricut file. I started out making this in SCAL, it is just a pot, top layer and a rectangle card to go in. I switched to DS, so I could do layers, but if you would like the scut, I can post that one too.
This is the SCAL link:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gone Fishin' Scrap Page : Wave mesh SVG

I ran across this cute photo of my son "fishing" in the back yard. He was just over 3 at the time. I wanted something "watery" so I made this wave mesh, then layed it over white. The photo then tucked under the edges nicely and I tied a tag to one of the waves. The letters and fish are from Zoobaloo cartridge. The svg for the wave mesh/mat is below:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Ring Card, Cricut cut

I was looking through a quilting book (nope, don't quilt, just love to look at them) and saw a wedding ring quilt. I thought it would look pretty for a scrap page mesh sort of background, but to test the cut I made it small and into a card. I used George and DS, and this is a size-able cut, so you can use it for both a card or 8x8 or 12x12 or...whatever suits your fancy. Thanks for looking, Happy Monday!

SCAL user? Try this one:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Party Hat Card

Seems like I always have grown up cards, but never kids cards...which is what I really need the most. So I decided today to whip up a stack of kids cards to have ready for the next birthday party. This is a simple design, I used design studio and george, I put an eyelet in the top for added strength, then added ribbon (curling ribbon works great). Its cheep, its quick, and its cute! I made this a little smaller than a standard card so that with the ribbon it would still fit in a standard size envelope.

I'm in the process of changing hosts for my files. I was using sendspace and they were running some very undesirable adds while the files were loading. I am now using mediafire, hopefully they won't start doing the same thing. That said, I have no controll over the ads run on free host services. If you subscibe to the service you don't have to see the ads while you wait, I have no idea what they charge. I can subscribe for direct links but I checked and its horribly expensive and I can't pay to give away my files, I'd rather spend my money on new crafting toys :)

party hat .cut

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watercan treat box

There was a very cute watercan treat box posted on the Cricut site today. I couldn't make one just like it (I could cut it, but scoring was a pain), so I simplified the project and came up with this. It is a nice size for a couple little candies, about 2 inches tall. I used cricut ds and George, and it is baby but compatible. I suggest folding the 4 tabs first, then fold in the sides, using the tabs as your guide. Add two strips of adhesive, fold, decorate, and fill! Enjoy!Watercan treat Cricut cut file

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dahlia Cricut Cut

I was at Pottery Barn this weekend, drooling over all the pretty things there, and I came across this beautiful white pillow with green dahlia leaves embroidered on it. SO ELEGANT. Someday my kids will be past the age of spilling cocoa on the couch and I will be able to buy pretty things again, until then, I thought I better pass on the pillow and turn it into a card. This is a cricut cut file using Home Accents. The cut file was a bear to make, took me about 2 hours to get all the petals in an orientation that looked nice and would cut good on my very dull blade (gotta get a new one!). BUT, once it was finished I could quickly make a few cards which I am very happy with. I'm sure I will be using this one many times over, which makes the time spent worth it.
Hopefully, somebody else will be able to use it too!

The three samples are:

cut from white, over dark solid
cut from kraft, over patterned paper
cut from patterned, over white

Design Studio .cut file is attached below, enjoy! I will convert later today for SCAL, right now I have to feed the kids :)

Dahlia .cut
SCAL USERS......Here is the SVG for Sure-Cuts-a-Lot:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Paper Pieced Tulip for Sure-Cuts-a-lot

Our Great-Aunt is turning 92 next week. Here is the card I'm sending her-I'm thinking spring, even though I'm freezing here. The tulips are cut with Sure-cuts-a-lot. The file contains two tulips (one slightly bigger than the other), two stems-or you can use ribbon-, 4 leaves, I am attaching it below. For the center petal and for a couple of the leaves, I used foam dots for added demention.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dedicated to the ones I love

This weeks scrapbook inspiration challenge on Splitcoast is to write a jouraling letter to someone you love. I took these photos a couple days ago. I love it when I can do a page right when the photos are taken, makes it nice for journaling, its so easy to forget the little details when you wait- and they can be so important!

StoryBook Framed Words

I love the storybook cartridge, such a pretty font. I thought it would be nice to make a framed Happy Birthday using the frame around thank you (already on the cart). Here is the resulting card, Design Studio .cut file is below. I don't recommend making it smaller than card size because the font is rather lacy and gets to be a mess if it is too small. Also included on the same file are Be Mine (welded in a heart from George) and Happy Easter (welded into the same frame as above). All three are welded and sizable

Gerbera Daisy for Cricut Design Studio

For those of you who don't have Sure cuts a lot (yet) I have made a comparable file in DS. This card was made with the DS version. There is a magic overlap point in the largest flower, so if you can't get the pettals to stagger, just keep turning until you find that point. There are 4 flowers on the page, you will need 8- so cut twice. You can get all 8 out of one sheet of cardstock (8.5 x 11). Directions for assebly are same as below (Gerbera Daisy for SCAL).
Gerbera Daisy .cut file for DS
and if that one doesn't work, try:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gerbera Daisys - Sure-Cuts-A-Lot

With half a sheet of paper and a few minutes work, you can make these great gerbera daisys. Here's how:
Use the file below with sure cuts a lot (this is a sure cuts a lot file, NOT DS) and cut your flowers -I have reposted this as a svg file. After importing, size in SCAL so that the largest flower is about 3.5 inches in diameter.
LINK WAS MOVED TO 4-20-10 Post

Using inks or chalks, darken your edges of the flowers - getting darker as you do each smaller size. The backs of the flowers will show, so do both sides.

Lay flowers on a cushioned surface (I use a sheet of kids craft foam) and a stylus, make a crease down the center of each petal on the 4 largest flowers. This will cause them to curve a bit in and up.

Use a toothpick to wrap the petals of the smaller 4 flowers.

Layer the flowers with a small dot of glue between each layer.

Use your flowers to decorate cards, gifts, photos or attach to a stem to with florist tape for an arrangement.