Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a great way to start my day....

Thank you so much to Susan at Busy with the cricky for sending this fabulous award my way. Now I'm supposed to list 5 obsessions and then pass the award to 5 other fabulous blogs.
I'm a bit of a OCD/type A/whatever you want to call it type person, so I have lots of quirks and obsessions, her is the "shortened to 5" list:

1: Pretty paper

2: All things Photoshop, from processing and scrapping photos of my beautiful little boys to NOW creating jpgs(for svgs) to cut with my cricut! Its so much fun, I have a hard time getting away from my computer.

3: Organizing tools/totes, anything-organizing my craft supplies is almost as much fun as using them

4: Coffee - I live in the Pacific Northwest, its a requirement

5: Hiking (again, its a requirement)

Put it all together and you have a perfect day, a stop at Starbucks on the way to a hike, lots of photos kids and beauty around me, then come home and scrap it with photoshop, cricut, and pretty paper :) Ahhh, that sounds lovely. I can't wait for Spring!

Now 5 other Fabulous blogs, well, there are lots of them...but I'll go with:



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! you are such a sweetie!

ohscrap said...

Thanks for the award. =)