Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Next years scrapbook challege

Time and time again we are told that studies show that if you write your goals down, you are more likely to achieve them. I think for me its because I forget them, heck, if I write them down, there is even a good change I forget WHERE I wrote them down. I'm looking through photos taken over the past month and realizing how far behind I am in scrapbooking. I look back at photos just taken a few months ago and already have trouble with the journaling. Looking at photos taken of my boys as babies just a few years ago, I can barely remember which is which (I know, bad mommy, but cut me some slack, they are very identical). Looking at photos taken as a child, I barely remember anything. If I don't scrap them now, how will I tell the stories later? I doubt my memory will get better with age. SO, I'm writing down my goal for all to see, but mostly just for me -I don't think I'll forget where my blog it.
Next year, I'm going to do at least one scrap page per week. I usually do one a month, so this will be a big jump for me. I am a hybrid scrapper (if you don't know what that is someone who mixes both traditional and digital scrapping) and wanting to get better with my PSE and CS3 software so my goal also includes to try at least one new technique each month too, shouldn't be too hard because there is just so much you can do with digital scrapping/photo editing and so little I've tried so far. I am hoping I will have some others who will want to join me in this quest. I also know that tomorrow never gets here, so I'm starting today, then I will have a couple weeks jump on things. If you can relate this all too well, I hope you will join me. If you are doing traditional scrapping, maybe you can use my layouts or cricut .cut files for embellishments, if your digital or hybrid maybe you can join me in trying some new techniques, or suggest some you really like. 52 scrap pages? 26 new techniques? I do love a challenge!

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