Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teddy Bear Santa Card - Paper Dolls

Yesterday on the Cricut board someone asked for a fake tear bear to use with paper dolls. I had done one long ago so I sent it off to her, then decided to play with it a bit. I haven't done any of these for a while as my boys are getting older and their scrap pages have gone away from the "cute" and more little boy. I miss making them though, so I thought I would make one and put it on a card. I forgot how much fun they are. I use Peachy Keen Stamps for faces and a little bit of a cotton ball glued on with Aleenes for fluff. Outfit is from paper dolls and candy cane is from Christmas cheer. Isn't he cute ?!!!

For cutting bears to dress in Paper Dolls clothes I use a DS cut file PaperScissorsInkBEAR
For sitting bears, assemble clothes, layer over bear, then tuck in paws. For standing bear layer head, clothes and tuck in paws and feet. I have left hands and feet separate because sometimes I like them to be holding things, or standing a particular way, just makes it easier for personalizing. It also makes it easier if you want to use the shoes or gloves from the paper dolls cart. When making clothes and accessories, cut between 3 and 5 - the bear does not have the same proportions as the doll (doll is tall and skinny, nobody likes a tall skinny bear). I find that hats fit him nicely on 3, Pants cut at 5 and shirts vary from 4 to 5 depending on the flair. For
Santa I cut the top at 4 and the pants at 5, beard 4, hat 3. Shoes I think do best at at 5, although I personally think they look best with feet instead. I make little pencil notes in my book to remember, you might want to keep a cheat sheet for your personal size preferences.
For more tear bear instruction, please see my 2 earlier posts:


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Oh,the possibilities!!

Dawn Miner said...

thank you for the cute bear.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to try this thank you

Dreamscrapper said...

Cute card.I love the bear.What possibilities!TFS the cutfile.