Monday, October 13, 2008

Score-Pal Card Gift Box

I have been wanting a score-pal for quite a while so I was thrilled when I went in my local scrapbook store and the Score-Pal owner was there doing a demo. We made these little 3 x 3 boxes, which were cute and very quick. I was impressed, armed with a large gift certificate and 40% of course, I bought a Score-Pal.
I don't have a great need for 3 x 3 but I DO have a need for card size boxes. My friends and family frequently ask for cards and I love to give them as gifts, but I hate to just hand someone a stack of cards. So I changed the dimensions and make it the size to fit 4 handmade A2 size cards with envelopes -I think you could do six cards with envies if you didn't have ribbon on them like I did. This works great for cardstock paper and REALLY great for double sided designer paper. I also found that if you cut your box and then use the center point function on the expression you can cut designs out of the top so you can see the cards below. If you don't have a score-pal you can still do these, they just aren't as quick. I tried to make a file with design software, but it really only works for the 3x3 because the starting paper has to be 12 inches, so unless you line it up PERFECT, it won't cut right. And really, I can have one of these made by hand in less time than it takes to load the paper into the cricut. I am doing the 3 x 3 though and I will try and post that one with .cut file tomorrow. If you want to do the 3 x 3 by hand (or with a score pal) it just so happens that SCS did a tutorial and challenge : Mini Pizza box tutorial

So for a card box: start with a piece of paper 12 x 8 inches. Score at 1, 5 1/2, 6 1/2, and 11 inches. Rotate your paper and score at 1 and 7 inches. Snip the short score lines, these will make your tabs. Glue tabs in place and your done. If you are a visual learner heres where the lines will be, snip the little ones with the arrows:

So here is my final box (one of many) filled with handmade warm wishes cards
*If you have a circle punch you can ad a little notch to the flap, that just makes it a little easier to open, not critical (see open box photo above)

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