Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Fall!

From the neighbors tree.............to our front porch

I love the fall. I love the quiet in the streets, I love the smell of the air, I love wearing sweaters even when its sunny out. Most of all I love the colors. Today the kids and I collected leaves from the trees in our neighborhood. While most people are raking them up to haul away, I am scooping them up and taking them home to press in books and scatter on my front porch. How can anybody throw away something so beautiful? I think they are as beautiful as any spring flower, and every year they amaze me. Someday I hope I have a big maple tree of my own, until then I will borrow from the neighbors.
Oh, and for you cricut crafters...yes, vinyl sticks to pumpkins :).
Happy Fall!


Carole N. said...

How beautiful and I love your cute pumpkin. Most of all I loved your story of spending time with your children and teaching them to enjoy the beauty of nature.
You are a wonderful Mother.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the welcome fall graphic or did u buy it?