Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cricut Candle wrap mesh

So here's another use for all those meshes we like to make in DS, candle wraps! I purchase this candle holder and decided a plain old candle wouldn't do, so I made a wrap with DS and Storybook. A standard pillar candle will need a 9 inch mesh (width can vary depending on the look you would like, I chose 2 1/2 inches). If you make the mesh just slightly over 9 inches (or your candle circumference) you can overlap the edges in the back, or if you can simply add a ribbon around the outside to hold it tight. Be sure to remove the paper wrap if you are going to burn the candle, or hollow the top and put in a battery flame/tealight. Cut file was very simple, I used a storybook element because the ribbon threaded nicely through it. I did it in the new format so it is all one unit and easy to resize for other candles. It is attached below if you would like it.


Marjorie said...

Thanks for sharing this file. I did download but I don't have Story book at present but looks like I will have to purchase that one as I see so many neat things made with that cart. Love the candle. Would make a wonderful gift since I'm beginning to think about the holidays coming up TOO quickly!

jcamp2020 said...

Beautiful..can't wait to try this out. Just got Storybook, so thanks for the idea.