Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Notes for July

The boys play for hours in the dirt pile at Grandmas

Quetly reading in their room together

July was a lovely month and I'm sad to see it go, we've been blessed with pretty nice weather for the kids to play outside. Thanks to the mole at Grandmas house, the boys have had lots of loose dirt to drive their little cars in and have spent MANY hours doing so. July was a big month of change for the boys, something clicked in them and all of the sudden they are playing without constant fighting. By day they actually go outside and play without me hovering to break up the fights and in the evenings they go to their room and close the door for hours of lego time. Its great to see them play so nice and enjoying each others company. They also learned to count to 100 this month. We heard it the first time in the car, we are in the front seat listing to them count (funny what kids do to entertain themselves in the car), we were amazed to hear them get to 99. We asked "what comes after 99?". Andy paused and thought about it and said "ten-ty", it was priceless.

This month was also the first time they tried to pull a twin fast one on me. Carsten made a mess and when I told him he needed to clean it up, he looked at me with a smirk and said "I'm not Carsten, I'm Andy". True, I do mix them up sometimes briefly, but I assured him that I knew who he was and he would be cleaning up his mess. That little stinker!

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