Friday, August 15, 2008

ARGGGG! Cricut Pirate Party Hats


Everything in my house is Pirate - my boys are obsessed. Earlier this summer they had a birthday party and I made a stack of these pirate hats with Paper Dolls, they are still playing with them....and having me make more. It was a cute moment because he asked for a feather and I didn't have one, a little while later he showed up with a blue pipe cleaner tied to it (its tilted back behind his head so you can't really see it but its there). He had gone into his craft supplies and fashioned his own out of a pipe cleaner because.....

(Carsten in his exasperated "why don't grownups understand?" voice)

"Monny, every pirate HAS to have a blue PEATHER!!!!"

If you have a little pirate, set you Paperdolls on 4 inch (Real size dial on), cut out the crossbones at 1.5, and staple on some 1/4 elastic (I did corded too, but flat worked better) - they will be thrilled. To make his patch I used the blackout of D in George, slightly skewed (Design Software) - but it could be made by hand easy enough, for that I put in a couple quick eyelets (LOVE my crop-a-dile) and ran some corded elastic. Don't forget to buy some feathers :0)

As long as I'm posting, here are the other photos from the party. I make a pirate ship cake for the family party - I used craft sticks and paper for the sails, which quickly set on fire - looked like we had our own pirate battle. For the kiddie party I made cupcakes, each with a pirate flag from paper dolls cart, I attached them to sucker sticks (available in the Wilton Cake section). They were cute, but I can't find a picture. The invitations and thank you cards were make with Stampin' Up! Ahoy Mate! stamp set, thanks to CJ for helping me get them done in time.

Before the Fire
ABANDON SHIP! Look at those sad little faces :(


Hinckley Haven said...

How did you make that black pirate hat? I have the cricut paper doll dress up cartridge and I cannot see the shape for the hat anywhere on the back of the box. I don't want to open it until I know I can make that hat for my boys' party.

Anonymous said...

The flowerpot was sooooooo cute but I couldnt load the cut file for it. Can you send it to me? Smiles and Thank You for sharing.