Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tall Ships

This weekend we went to see "Pirate Ships"...OK, actually Tall ships, but close enough... WE THOUGHT. The boys were very upset when we got there and informed us that (In my sons angriest tone) "they are NOT pirate ships!". Why? No flag. We solved the problem by telling them it was too dangerous to fly the flag in port- they would get their treasure looted - so they had the flag hidden away. How long to we get to make up stories for our kids? Eventually they are going to be on to us. I actually love to make up stories, so having children has been like a creative outlet for me. We love to make up stories before bed, but I'm sure that these other little tall tales are going to catch up with me soon. I guess I'll just enjoy the moment and worry about reality when they force me to.

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