Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is this vacation over yet?

Our boat (middle) from the top of the cliff where we risked our lives trying to find a geocache

Man, what a busy couple of weeks. Is is just me or is vacation a lot of work? Love having hubby home but all the family fun has been exhausting....after this vacation is over (tomorrow), I need a break. We started his vacation with a trip to the zoo. We had wanted to take the boys for their birthday but June-uary weather had postponed that. Most the animals were napping and the kids were far more excited about the play area then the animals. I could have save $70 and stopped at a park, everybody would have been happy, but I did get a good photo out of it (I'll post scrapbook tomorrow). Next was cruise to the islands, it was supposed to be 5 days but engine problems brought us back early. We did get one nice day on the first island (scrapbook page will be up soon), it was beautiful that day and the boys loved playing on the beach. We tried doing a geocache but half way there we turned back. Two little wandering boys and a LONG skinny trail running one foot from a giant cliff, not a good combination. The boys were very disappointed that we didn't get to go to the TollyCraft rendezvous we had been promising (they had been talking about the pool all week) so after a very rough ride back to the marina, we took them to the community pool where we encountered the pool police. We left shortly after getting there. Give a teen a whistle and a lifeguard shirt and they think they own the world - I think I know a good place for that whistle. Later that day we noticed that the bug bite on my sons foot had gone from little to ENORMOUS turning his whole foot purple, so I guess it was good we were home to take him to the doctor. He's fine now, it went down after a couple days of discomfort. Next was a camping trip, 3 days and two nights at a local park. That was fun, kids had a great time at the beach and they learned to ride their bikes with no training wheels (another scrapbook page in the works). On our second night we had an amazing lighting and thunder storm like none I've ever seen. Had I been at home I would have loved this, however.... being out camping, all I could think was that a tree was going to catch fire and fall on top of the motorhome. By morning the place was soaking wet and with mud getting quickly tracked inside, we opted to head home early.....AGAIN! Today is the last day of vacation, not sure where we are going, but I'm sure I'll be home early. Tomorrow I will start in on the piles of laundry and housework I neglected while I was having all this "fun". Then I'm taking a break to scrap all those great photos!

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