Friday, April 4, 2008

DS Time Saving sizing tip

I had a "duh" moment today, wanted to share and maybe spare someone else if you haven't figured this out yet...

When you want to resize things in DS you have to do EACH piece, which is a pain. I have done several things that when I cut, aren't quite the right size so I have to go through that long process. SOOOO, here is what hit me this morning. When starting your design make a box the final size you want (you can use the box in George, even if you don't have George because you won't really cut it), THEN make your design to fit inside the box, when your done, delete the box. Ahhhh, I was making a card front and started with a 4 x 5.25 box so that it would come out standard size, what a time saver. I'm sure there are lots of you that already figured that out or just don't have the same spacial issues as me....but I know there are other crafter's out there like me who need this time saving trick so I thought I should share.


~JulieH~ said...

Just came across your blog it's great and you have done some lovely designs for DS. This is a brilliant tip why didn't I think of it!! Thanks for sharing yor cut files. Your work is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog, LOVE it. thanks for this tip, I will use it.
Also love your deception pass page, we live in Walla Walla and love to head to that side of the mountains.