Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cricut Embossed Vellum Card

I now have two cricuts, my baby bug is over a year and my new one is one month old. With the baby bug being past warranty I thought it would be fun to experiment with it. I sawed a Fiskars stylus in half and wrapped one half with some mounting tape, then put it in my baby bug in place of the blade housing piece. The vellum needs some cushion to emboss so I used a piece of craft foam under it, smaller than the mat so that it would fit under the rollers....and voila, let the embossing begin. Here is the card I ended up with, I used accent essentials. It wasn't all I had hoped for because it doesn't seem to have the pressure to emboss cardstock, only vellum, but still an interesting experiment.

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michelle said...

fabulous idea and the card is truly beautiful !!