Sunday, April 27, 2008

First fish!

This weekend was opening day for fishing at the local lakes. Carl and I were set to take the kids when Uncle Bob decided to join us, good thing because he's the only one that really knew how to catch a fish! He helped each of the boys get one they could reel in. Carstens jumped off the line at the shore, he had trouble as his right hand is still in a cast. Andy got his all the way in so at least we were able to have one fish with dinner. They were both so excitted and proud of that fish. I can't wait to take them again, and I couldn't wait to get home to scrap the photos. This page is completely digital, I think everything on it was free from the web (Scrapgirls, Digital Scrapbook Place, Oscraps, and sugarplumpaperie), it was done on PE6.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cricut Paper Dolls Pirate Name Frames

My boys love all the pirate stuff on Cricut paper dolls cart so I decided to use it to make name frames for their room. Frames were from Micheals, they came already matted for the great price of $3 each. I used regular scrapbook paper for the backgrounds, Carsten is "parchment" and Andys is a map (CTMH). Most items were cut at 3 inches. The fonts were not done with the cricut, I used SCAL for Carstens and for Andys I just used PE6. I used sandpaper on the edges and small rope on Andys, no I wish I would have done that with Carstens, but oh well.....They were fairly quick to make and the boys love them, I let them pick out colors and what kind of things from the cartridge would go on each frame - getting a decisions out of two 4 year olds does take some work, but it was a team effort that all and all went pretty good. Thanks for looking.
The font on Andy's is Pieces of Eight, it is free on

BBQ invitiation with Cricut

Here is an invitation I made for a BBQ. Paper is Stampin Up, font for BBQ is George, as is the .cut file for the bbq and spatula. The border was cut from Accent Essentials. I just used a brown maker line for the burgers, and black chalking for the smoke. T ME for TIME was made with a thin font to match the spatula (SCAL). Thanks for looking, if you would like the bbq.cut I have it in the next entry below. Thanks for looking!

BBQ for Cricut

I've had a ton of emails abou the BBQ file over the past couple days so I thought I would just post it as is. I had hopes to add some items to the file, when/if I get it done I will repost the revised file. Try the bbq base in black and the layer in red, comes out quite cute with a little chalking for smoke :) I haven't finished the invitiations, but I will post those too when I'm done (hopefully today while the boys are at school)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Geocaching at Deception Pass

This is my first all digital page. This is from our late winter trip to Deception Pass, geocaching.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Winter and Fall Scrapbook Pages

I started these a couple months ago, finally got the finishing touches on them. Fall tag was done using Cricut with DesignSoftware. Swirls are rub ons. Digital portion done with PE6.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am in scrabbooking heaven!

Yesterday I used my Sure-cuts-a-lot for the first time. Initially, it didn't go so well, the computer had to be rebooted a couple times, but once they got past that it was smooth sailing!

I was able to do a scrap page and match my title font to my journaling, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

It was fun to get back to scrapping some old photos, this was Andys first bath. And of course, even though I have SCA on my baby bug, I still had to run to Micheals before the sale ended and pick up New Arrival for my big bug so that I could make a little rubber duckie for the page (good excuse, right?).

So, yes I had them both running side by side at the same time, it was HEAVEN!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cricut DS Diaper pocket Card

I thought this would be an easy project....wrong! It took me a crazy long time to get it the size and shape I wanted. It still wasn't exactly what I had pictured in my head, but close enough to say done. It will cut on one sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 patterned paper for outside, plus another piece for inside. I used a real safety pin to close, and tied a ribbon on the pin. If you would like the file to use or to tweak, it is posted below.

Friday, April 4, 2008

DS Time Saving sizing tip

I had a "duh" moment today, wanted to share and maybe spare someone else if you haven't figured this out yet...

When you want to resize things in DS you have to do EACH piece, which is a pain. I have done several things that when I cut, aren't quite the right size so I have to go through that long process. SOOOO, here is what hit me this morning. When starting your design make a box the final size you want (you can use the box in George, even if you don't have George because you won't really cut it), THEN make your design to fit inside the box, when your done, delete the box. Ahhhh, I was making a card front and started with a 4 x 5.25 box so that it would come out standard size, what a time saver. I'm sure there are lots of you that already figured that out or just don't have the same spacial issues as me....but I know there are other crafter's out there like me who need this time saving trick so I thought I should share.

Cricut Blast Card -DS Rocket Ship

My boys were playing rocket ship in a box the other day. I got a cute photo and want to scrap it, but I needed a rocket ship. I made this one with George in DS. I made the test version it into a little boy card - always needing those around here. Inside reads " On Your Birthday". I have attached the .cut file if you would like it. The toppers are designed so you can use the negative space for the letter shadows, I find that easier sometimes that making actual shadows and all that gluing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cricut Embossed Vellum Card

I now have two cricuts, my baby bug is over a year and my new one is one month old. With the baby bug being past warranty I thought it would be fun to experiment with it. I sawed a Fiskars stylus in half and wrapped one half with some mounting tape, then put it in my baby bug in place of the blade housing piece. The vellum needs some cushion to emboss so I used a piece of craft foam under it, smaller than the mat so that it would fit under the rollers....and voila, let the embossing begin. Here is the card I ended up with, I used accent essentials. It wasn't all I had hoped for because it doesn't seem to have the pressure to emboss cardstock, only vellum, but still an interesting experiment.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cricut Butterfly

I got this months copy of Scapbooks Etc. and there was a butterfly on the front that caught my attention. I really liked the shape of it and loved that it was cut from patterned paper. This is my version, I think it turned out a little big, I will work on making a similar one only smaller - but the big is nice too for showing off the pattern. To make this card, I cut 2 and layered one directly on top of the other with pop dots. The butterfly is made from George in DS, if you would like it, click on the link below.