Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Family Memories book, Cricut DS

I'm taking a couple hours to go scrap with a friend tomorrow so I thought I'd put together a mini book for 2008. This was made using Plantin Schoolbook and Cricut DS, final size is 6 by 11. The "family" and corners on the front are Home Accents (not included in file), and the Memories is a rub on. The pages are done using shadow letters and the final page of the file has the letters for layering, but they could easily be left off. I don't have a BIA (yet) so I used a 12 x 6 inch paper, folded over for my base, then put in some jumbo eyelets to keep it all together and scored the pages so they would all open nicely. I will post the inside photos hopefully tomorrow after my scrap time. The paper is double sided designer paper I got recently at Costco - 300 pages for $30! Such a great deal and I happen to be there on my birthday, so of course I had to buy it!
If you would like to make one, I've attached the file below. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ric Rac for SCAL

There was a request for ric rac on my SCAL group. I don't have a photo of this cut, but I have used it and it cuts just great, it is 12 inch and close to actual ric rac, but you can of course resize, or cut it down. It was made using inscape and pse6. I will try and find something I can photo to show the cut, but here is the file in the meantime:


If you are a Cricut DS person, there is a similar file on my borders .cut from earlier post:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow Ice Cream SCSB170

My stamp room is clean! Christmas cards and projects done, cleaned up, given away. Ahhh, now I can relax and make another mess, maybe get caught up on some scrapping. This was todays scrap page layout challenge on splitcoast. All supplies are from Scrap Girls.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stamping on Tiles - fridge magnets

I'm snowed in so any last minute shopping for Christmas is completely out of the question. Fortunately I had just stocked up on magnet sheets and tiles. I didn't have much experience with stamping on tiles so I decided to read the splitcoast threads on the best technique. Two hours of reading later all I learned was that everybody has their own best way to do it. I decided to sacrifice a few tiles and try several different inks, sealers, chalks, heat set vs. non heat set, etc. to see what worked best for me. I had started with 3 different tiles, smooth 2x2, medium grit 2x2, and standard 4x4 tumbled tiles. 2x2 tiles are sold at Lowes, you get 36 for about $4. Without a doubt, staz-on ink won out and with staz-on and sharpies, I did not need to heat set or use sealer. If you use chalk you get a nice watercolor look but then you MUST use a sealer, and on the smooth tiles, you need several layers of sealer which was simply too much work for me. So here's what I ended up with. The first was a set of 4 smooth tiles, done with staz-on and sharpies, one for each season.

The second was a medium rough 2x2 just stamped with staz-on. I've cut magnet sheet to go on the back and then made little 3x3 boxes to give them in (.cut file for box can be found about 5 posts back).

Two things I found really useful that I want to pass on, 1: nail polish remover will take off the staz-on and sharpies if you stamp in error. 2: Regardless of the tile texture, a light sanding and cleaning will dramatically improve the way the ink sticks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot Cocoa pocket mug for Cricut, George or Plantin

I know I've seen these on the internet before, but of course when I needed one, I couldn't find one... so I made my own! If you are looking for one too, feel free to click the link below and use mine I have used cricut ds and created the file with two pages, one is George only and one is Plantin only. Your bug will only ask you for the carts needed for the cut so you can just highlight and cut from the page titled with the cart you do have, ignore or delete the other page. I figure everybody has either George or Plantin - or if your bug crazy like me, you have both! I have included tabs on the side and bottom of the mug that you fold and fold to the back. When I made the mug big enough to accommodate the hot cocoa packet and tried gluing it closed along the bottom and side, then it didn't fit in a standard card envelope, with the tabs, the cocoa packet fits nicely in the mug and will still fit in the A2 envelope. This one I sponged, stamped and tied a bow, super quick and great for tossing on the top of a package or handing out as gifts.

 Mug cut file

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creating your own silhouette svg with PSE, SCAL

I've seeing all the beautiful silhouettes people are using and thought it would be fun to make some cards with my own images. I'm sending this one to my MIL . It was taken last week when my boys and my DH were decorating the tree. I used PSE6, Inkscape and then SCAL. If you'd like to do some of your own photos, here's what I did:

1. Open your photo in PSE - something with bold images will work best

2. Use the quick selection tool, lasso or pen to pick your object

3. Control+J to put the selection on its own layer

4. Set your foreground color to black and lock the transparency (or the whole thing will turn black)

5. Fill layer with black, unlock transpart pixs and fill with white

6. Save as JPG

7. Import into Inkscape and trace bitmap, do any cleaning up with nodes and save as an SVG

8. Import SVG into SCAL

Here is my second one, I think I will use it on a scrap page.

Halloween 08 Scrappage

Here are my boys all dressed for Halloween. They had so much fun that they are already talking about what they want to dress up as next year. The photos were framed and edited in PSE6, then I used SU paper (Pumpkin Pie and Black) for the base, SU rub-ons (Bats) and Su Stamps (Batty for You stamp set), Eeek is just written in white gel pen and I streaked the edges of the photos with black Staz-on ink. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Next years scrapbook challege

Time and time again we are told that studies show that if you write your goals down, you are more likely to achieve them. I think for me its because I forget them, heck, if I write them down, there is even a good change I forget WHERE I wrote them down. I'm looking through photos taken over the past month and realizing how far behind I am in scrapbooking. I look back at photos just taken a few months ago and already have trouble with the journaling. Looking at photos taken of my boys as babies just a few years ago, I can barely remember which is which (I know, bad mommy, but cut me some slack, they are very identical). Looking at photos taken as a child, I barely remember anything. If I don't scrap them now, how will I tell the stories later? I doubt my memory will get better with age. SO, I'm writing down my goal for all to see, but mostly just for me -I don't think I'll forget where my blog it.
Next year, I'm going to do at least one scrap page per week. I usually do one a month, so this will be a big jump for me. I am a hybrid scrapper (if you don't know what that is someone who mixes both traditional and digital scrapping) and wanting to get better with my PSE and CS3 software so my goal also includes to try at least one new technique each month too, shouldn't be too hard because there is just so much you can do with digital scrapping/photo editing and so little I've tried so far. I am hoping I will have some others who will want to join me in this quest. I also know that tomorrow never gets here, so I'm starting today, then I will have a couple weeks jump on things. If you can relate this all too well, I hope you will join me. If you are doing traditional scrapping, maybe you can use my layouts or cricut .cut files for embellishments, if your digital or hybrid maybe you can join me in trying some new techniques, or suggest some you really like. 52 scrap pages? 26 new techniques? I do love a challenge!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thinking Snow! Cricut DS Swirl Tree

I needed a bare swirly tree for a scrap page (my boys were climbing a bare windy willow tree last week) . This was my test cut, and not liking to throw things away, I thought I'd use it for a card. The snowflakes are stamped on kraft with white pigment ink, snow on the tree is a little flocking-fun stuff! I put the second paper/snow on pop dots for dimension. To make this I had to use 3 different carts to get the swirls to mesh in a nice way, Joys of the season, Home Accents and George(the trunk is an I). Tree height is about 4 inches. As I made this card I am thinking and wishing for snow. I used to hate the snow, but now with two little boys, I find myself wishing for it to get here. My boys will have lots of fun and I will get lots of cute pictures, forecast is for a chance of snow next weekend. I hope they are right! I'll try and finish that scrap page and get it up too.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Library Card style tags/gift holder

I was shopping and saw a sizzix die for library card type holders, it was cute and I thought it would be perfect for some of the Starbucks cards I bought, not to mention journaling tags, gift tags, and all around cute tags! I didn't buy the die, I made a similar one instead for the cricut (I think there is one on Fab Finds cart, but I don't have that one, this is George). I have three sizes on the file, one is perfect for gift cards, one is general journaling size, and one is perfect for Christmas tags (about 1.25 inches wide). For my coffee card holder I used a background wheel from Stampin Up! (Illuminated) and sponged on close to cocoa ink. The Cup/steam is from Joys of the season, I have included it in the file just because I don't want to have to resize it each time I make this (and I know I will make several) but if your using it for something else or don't have that cart, you can easily remove it. FYI, Dazzling diamonds on the steam looks really cool in person (I also put it on the holly, and used stickles for the berries-sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!) You'll notice that I had to use a Barnes and Noble gift card for size. Well, this is because I bought some Starbucks cards at Costco (5 $20 cards for $80, yeah!), but hubby and I have managed to use 4 of them, oops. To ensure that I would have at least one left to give away, I put it somewhere safe I now have no idea where it is. Dang, I hate it when I do that! I guess I'll have to go to Costco and buy another pack so I can actually give some away- I'm sure the missing one will show up AFTER Christmas, oh well, it won't go to waste :)

If you are a SCAL user, I've made a similare one for you too, it is sized for gift card, but of course can be sized for whatever you like. It was made in PSE6 as I have completely given up any hope of learning to draw in inkscape.
PSI Library Cut file:

Christmas Cards

Everybody working on their Christmas cards? That's what I've been doing all week. I seem to have a hard time deciding on a color....then a hard time deciding on a layout. The best way to do things would be to pick one and make a whole bunch of that one design, but every year it seems like I make so many different samples, that by the time I find one I'd like to make in mass, I've got enough test cards to send out and be done. Good thing this year, because I've just about used up all my red, purple and white paper. I'm mostly using Snow Swirled Stamp set by Stampin' Up! , It is so elegant and I love that it has the verses included. Even for my cuttlebug cards, I'm using the Snow Swirled verses. So here are a few samples.

Splitcoast challenge cards(poinsettia is Cricut)

Moms Cuttlebug cards

I will finish these up hopefully today and then I have a little cricut cut to share for gift cards, check back later for that one :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cricut Holiday Organizer

I started my Christmas shopping this weekend and I am determined to be better organized for this holiday season. So I thought if I could keep all my lists and receipts in one place that would be a good start. This is a little organizer, just 2 pockets - one for my lists (to buy), and one for my receipts. It is done with George and DS, it uses one sheet of 12 x 12 plus whatever to decorate. The little pad I picked up at the local copy place (10 pads for $1) but you could easily just cut paper and staple/use brads. I used a velcro dot to close, and scored the flap twice (1/8inch apart) so that when its full of reciepts, it will still close nice. I'm making these to hand out on Thanksgiving so everyone has one for the day after shopping. I've got 5 done and I'm hoping to do 5 more today, we'll see...

If you would like to make one, file is below (second file is just welded words I used on the covers). When it cuts it will be cutting it as open, so if using patterned paper, but sure to put the outside pattern on the mat. I recommend using the red super sticky strips for the sides of the pockets to be sure they stay stuck...don't want to loose those receipts. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping!
Welded words:
For folder file, please see revised post on 11-4-09

Hot Cocoa Challenge

This weeks SCS ways to use it challenge was to include chocolate, great time to break out this stamp set I've have for over a year (and never used). Its so cute, I don't know whats taken me so long! I happen to pick up some of the gourmet packets of cocoa this past week so I thought I'd bundle them for little gift boxes. I made the box with George and DS, it was my teabox file, I just added two new sizes, one for this size cocoa and one for the regular packets. Thanks for looking!

Update for 11-14-11,  Thank you to Debbie ( for resending the file so I could repost it!  Be sure to go check her blog for her amazing sample using the file HERE
Download the cut file below:
Design Studio Cut file of Cocoa box

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Size-able Christmas Tags

I love the tag funcion that many of the carts have except that they are always negative space. Great if your writting on the tag, but for embellishing I prefer a postive space tag. With the latest update of DS you can weld inside an outlined shape, so I thought I'd make some postive space Christmas tags using George. I'll be using the reindeer one for my other projects-thats what got me started on this little mission, but just for today I thought I'd just play around and see which of the Christmas items can fit into the tag and be size-able. I'm sure there are others but these are the ones I found worked well that I would use in the immediate future: Stocking, light, and reindeer from Christmas Cheer and the tree (Joys of the season). Visit again soon too see how I use that reindeer tag :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pumkin Patch

Here is a scrappage from my boys' first school field trip to the pumpkin patch. The layout was featured in this months Digital Scrapbooking and the elements are from ShabbyPrincess (the free Harvest Spice kit). Thanks for looking!

TLC195 Triangle Fold Medallion

I love to teabag folding on cards but I don't do it very often, kind of one of those things you forget about when you have a million other projects running around in your head. Todays technique challenge was a teabag fold I am fond of (because its an easy one:) so I of course had to play along. I also had to use my two new punches from MS - border arches and branch. Here is the card I came up with:

If you'd like directions on making the medallion, they can be found on Splitcoast HERE

Now I have to post this photo of my son taken yesterday, it is sure to makes it way into a scrap page very soon. This was on one of our geochase hunts yesterday. Isn't he cute? And he has an identical twin brother, two heathy beautiful little boys, how on earth did I ever get so lucky?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gingerbread House Ornament for Cricut DS

After several days of playing with the design, here is what I have come up with:

I made it with George and Design studio software. It stands about 2.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. It is hollow inside, perfect for some cinnamon stuff- yum! The candy cane and candy are cut at 1 inch on Christmas cheer. I used white puffy paint for frosting, and green puffy paint for gum drops, both of which I covered in dazzling diamonds - I'll cover anything in DD I possibly can

To make yours, use cricut to cut pattern (Due to many requests I am reposting this file. You are welcome to use it for personal use, but it was a design I spent a lot of time on, please do not redistribute or claim it as your own)

I used craft paper, then sponged on some chocolate chip and really rust ink, the sponging made it look more gingerbread-y

Score house at 1.5, 3, 4.5 and 6 inches

Fold tabs and clue in place-this will be obvious one you've cut the pattern.

You will now have a box "bottom" which you can fill with some spices if you like :)

Fold roof in half and insert a knotted ribbon loop through center hole. I also scored along the scallops so they would point down (see photo)-but you could just bend them or leave them, up to you! Decorate roof with white puffy paint and glitter, hang to dry. When dry attach to top tabs on house.

Decorate your house, there is a door on the file, but I ended up just using puffy paints, candy canes (Christmas Cheer, cut at 1 inch) and candies (Christmas Cheer, cut at 1 1/2 inches). I also printed out a date with 11pt font. I tried writing it on and just managed to ruin a house, so unless you have really good penmanship and a steady hand, I'd recommend NOT writing it directly on the house.


Monday, November 10, 2008

2009 Matchbook Calenders - UPDATED CALENDER

Need a small gift to mail in a card or stuff a stocking? How about a matchbook calender? They are great for purses or in the car. To make yours:

1: Create a calender in word using the tables OR print the calender I've attached (you may download for personal use, but please do not redistribute the file)and cut along the light gray lines.
2: Clip calender together and apply a think bead of Modgepodge along the top - this will allow you to peal off each month-it will take about 15 minutes to dry. OR you can staple, sew, use brads - whatever suits your fancy.

3: Make your cover:
Cut a piece of paper 6 x 3 inches - double sided designer paper works great
Fold bottom up at 1/2 inch. Adhere with glue or staples, but be sure no more that 1/4 inch is tacked down-small glue dots or tombo run right on the score work perfect.

Fold top down so that it just goes into the bottom lip - now you have a matchbook

Decorate the top with stickers, stamps, or die cuts

4: Insert your calender with a strong adhesive

Make lots, everyone will want one!
NOTE: the first calender had a typo, if you'v downloaded, delete and take a new one:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teddy Bear Santa Card - Paper Dolls

Yesterday on the Cricut board someone asked for a fake tear bear to use with paper dolls. I had done one long ago so I sent it off to her, then decided to play with it a bit. I haven't done any of these for a while as my boys are getting older and their scrap pages have gone away from the "cute" and more little boy. I miss making them though, so I thought I would make one and put it on a card. I forgot how much fun they are. I use Peachy Keen Stamps for faces and a little bit of a cotton ball glued on with Aleenes for fluff. Outfit is from paper dolls and candy cane is from Christmas cheer. Isn't he cute ?!!!

For cutting bears to dress in Paper Dolls clothes I use a DS cut file PaperScissorsInkBEAR
For sitting bears, assemble clothes, layer over bear, then tuck in paws. For standing bear layer head, clothes and tuck in paws and feet. I have left hands and feet separate because sometimes I like them to be holding things, or standing a particular way, just makes it easier for personalizing. It also makes it easier if you want to use the shoes or gloves from the paper dolls cart. When making clothes and accessories, cut between 3 and 5 - the bear does not have the same proportions as the doll (doll is tall and skinny, nobody likes a tall skinny bear). I find that hats fit him nicely on 3, Pants cut at 5 and shirts vary from 4 to 5 depending on the flair. For
Santa I cut the top at 4 and the pants at 5, beard 4, hat 3. Shoes I think do best at at 5, although I personally think they look best with feet instead. I make little pencil notes in my book to remember, you might want to keep a cheat sheet for your personal size preferences.
For more tear bear instruction, please see my 2 earlier posts:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Poinsettia Card : SVG for Scal

Finally, I think I might be getting the hang (a little) of this SCAL thing. Today I watched a great tutorial video on Dan's blog: and then gave it a try doing a poinsettia. I did three layers, all cut from white. I painted them with Twinkling H2O's which makes it all sparkly, plus the water made the paper curl a bit for added effect. The edges of each leaf were sponged with black and I used pencle to draw some quick veins. I used glue dots with micro beads in the center. Wanna try? I'm attaching my svg file below, enjoy!


Paper Napkin Transfer Card

One of the Splitcoast challenges last week was to do a napkin card and I couldn't resist with all the pretty holiday napkins out right now. If you haven't tried this technique - well , you really should! The napkins almost have a fabric look when they are ironed on and the bright colors are great - not to mention that one pack of napkins can do about 40 cards (great for sharing with a friend!) . You can do it with waxed paper or plastic wrap - I find the plastic wrap to work better, and instead of using paper under, I use a towel, peals off better. There is a tutorial for using the plastic wrap on :

The tag I made with SCAL, cardstock is Stampin Up and stamps are Inkadinkado.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I thought I'd get last years Halloween photos done before I start taking photos for this Halloween. Just in time - its Halloween morning, kids have been up less than an hour and they are wanting to put on their costumes. They love to play dress up any day, but to dress up and get rewarded for it with candy - what fun! Last year they were a Dr and a Fireman, this year they are dressing as a pirate and Darth Vadar. I already have all my Halloween papers out, so maybe I'll be a little quicker with this years page. The papers on this layout are from Stampin Up, title is SU rub on and the fence/cat are from Paper Doll (Cricut).


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3D ornament card and garland

Want your Christmas cards to stand out? Why not make them 3-D? Simply cut 3 or 5 of your focal item, fold in half and glue sides together. For this card I used the ornament cut at 2 1/2 on Joys of the Season ( the bow is also from JOTS, it is from the gift/layers). Christmas trees and snowflakes also work well for this technique. Because they are folded, you can simply flatten to mail. A couple of tips : use stamps to embellish rather than layers, and stamp prior to assembly. I used Flourish stamps from Heidi Grace, and pine branches from Stampin' UP, the paper is cream with burgundy accents - not that you can see from my bad photo! Sorry, its still dark out so lighting is not so good. I used a gold leafing pen for the top and bottom of the ornament.

This is also a great way to make 3D garlands. I made this one with the leaves from Doodlecharms. If you are using an unsymmetrical image, than you must do it in even numbers (use 2 or 4 images) and simple connect to matching side - for the garland I used 2 and connected fat side of leaf on 1 to fat side of leaf on 2. If you are using 4, you can run your sting down the center and not have to punch holes to string it.
flat to 3-D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tea Box and matching gift card, cricut style

A few days ago I started making these little tea boxes (see two posts down)- a couple people have asked for the DS version of the cut, so I thought I'd post this one that I did with DS, along with the 3 x 3 matching card. The card is done using the "new" ds nudge buttons so it can easily be resized to larger - but remember to resize the envelope too. The trick to resizing envelopes is just using the cursor to move the envelope over your card front (in the case it is the center square only) and use the handles to resize so that the center portion of the envelope is just a bit bigger than your card - don't make it too tight or the embellishments won't fit. I think you could do up to 4 x 4 but bigger than that and you will have to do the envelope on a different page, or just delete it and use one you already have. If you cut the way it is out of one sheet of design paper you can have the inside of your envelope match your card - fun! For the inside pull out of the card, I just cut the card insert out of scrap paper - it should be just a hair under the final card size - for this one just a hair under 3 x 3 - if you make it too small it won't stay put, too big and you can't slide it in and out. The belly band is just a strip of the same scrap - ribbon works well for that too. I think this one will be for a teacher :)
Oh, and one more thing about the cuts - For the box I used george for the shape, and Storybook for the little cutout. If you don't have storybook you can delete the center cut out and still use the file, or have fun adding a center cut from a cart you have! The card and env is from Plat.Schoolbook

Do you Photoshop? Free Class!

Sign up starts today, visit to see some of her amazing projects and scrapbook pages.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tea box with Cricut and SCAL

This started as a box done with my new score pal, but I thought it would be fun to try and make the same thing with my cricut. I made one with DS and George, then decided I wanted one I could resize so I made it with Photoshop and SCAL. For an added finishing touch you might want to add a piece of acetate in the box for the window, I'm out right now so I couldn't do that just yet. The box is a great size for small gift like handmade jewelry and nicely fits 4 tea bags. If you have SCAL you can alter the size of the box. Finished size as is for both patters is 3x3 inches.
When folding the box, I have found it best to fold into a box shape first, then fold in the small tabs, then fold the box sides. When I did it in a different order it was hard to get the right angle on the tabs, then things didn't line up just right - no sloppy boxes allowed! I also made a matching petal card with SCAL. I have a petal card done with DS and George a few posts back, but again I wanted to be able to change the size, so I did a new one with SCAL. If you are a SCAL user, the current pattern is to make a 4x4 inch card, if you want a different size, make the pattern double whatever you final card size will for a 5 x 5 card you will need to size patter to 10, for 3 x 3 size to 6. I'm working on making an envelope pattern, leave me a comment if you need that posted too. Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Glue Pads vs. Heat and Stick: Product review

I love glitter and when I saw these new ink glue pads come out I was excited to use them to stamp and add glitter to...well, anything and everything! I tried one at a friends house recently and was disappointed in the result, I didn't think it held very well. I bought this Pallet brand one hoping it would work better. Nope, in fact this one worked WORSE. So if you are thinking of buying one, save your money (and they aren't cheep either). I will be staying with my heat and stick powder from Stampin Up. If anyone knows some magical trick - I'd love to hear it. I'm thinking I'll add some Elmer's glue to this pad and see if that works, I'll let you know.

Score-Pal Card Gift Box

I have been wanting a score-pal for quite a while so I was thrilled when I went in my local scrapbook store and the Score-Pal owner was there doing a demo. We made these little 3 x 3 boxes, which were cute and very quick. I was impressed, armed with a large gift certificate and 40% of course, I bought a Score-Pal.
I don't have a great need for 3 x 3 but I DO have a need for card size boxes. My friends and family frequently ask for cards and I love to give them as gifts, but I hate to just hand someone a stack of cards. So I changed the dimensions and make it the size to fit 4 handmade A2 size cards with envelopes -I think you could do six cards with envies if you didn't have ribbon on them like I did. This works great for cardstock paper and REALLY great for double sided designer paper. I also found that if you cut your box and then use the center point function on the expression you can cut designs out of the top so you can see the cards below. If you don't have a score-pal you can still do these, they just aren't as quick. I tried to make a file with design software, but it really only works for the 3x3 because the starting paper has to be 12 inches, so unless you line it up PERFECT, it won't cut right. And really, I can have one of these made by hand in less time than it takes to load the paper into the cricut. I am doing the 3 x 3 though and I will try and post that one with .cut file tomorrow. If you want to do the 3 x 3 by hand (or with a score pal) it just so happens that SCS did a tutorial and challenge : Mini Pizza box tutorial

So for a card box: start with a piece of paper 12 x 8 inches. Score at 1, 5 1/2, 6 1/2, and 11 inches. Rotate your paper and score at 1 and 7 inches. Snip the short score lines, these will make your tabs. Glue tabs in place and your done. If you are a visual learner heres where the lines will be, snip the little ones with the arrows:

So here is my final box (one of many) filled with handmade warm wishes cards
*If you have a circle punch you can ad a little notch to the flap, that just makes it a little easier to open, not critical (see open box photo above)