Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is it the 9th ALREADY?????

Goodness, where have the days gone. Each year I think I will be more organized then the last, but instead I get further and further behind. This year I put up the tree on Nov 30, here it is Dec 9th and I'm still not done decorating it. This week both boys took turns being sick, that put a hold on things of course. We still managed to get a few ornaments made, and they were good ones to do with the kids. SO...if you have kids and your looking to make some ornaments for your tree, here are a few that they can help with. The first one was done with Carsten, it is a ribbon ornament. Simply cut 1-2 yards (depending on how big your ribbon and ornaments are), remove the cap from a plain glass ornament, and let him stuff it in, easy peasy and it looks quite nice when its done. Save a little piece of the ribbon to tie on the cap when you replace it. The second ornament was done by Andy, it is a glass ornament filled with paper. Cut paper into strips about 1/4 inch by 4 inches and let the kids roll them up tight. Then remove the cap and let them stuff the papers in, they will unroll a bit -so be sure you are using double sided designer paper. Add coordinating ribbon to the cap and your done! The third ornament I did because I recently noticed that the kids hand print is just the size of a CD. I know this because EVERY cd/dvd I could find in my house, has at least part of a hand print on it. To make this one, trace two circles with the cd, for ours I picked white and I let the kids pick out a print for the back. Let the kids put their hand print on the solid color. We just used paint, but ink would work too. Cut out your circles and secure them to the cd. Use a sanding block to smooth the circle. To insure that they stay stuck to the cd, use double sided sticky tape along the edge so that it overlaps onto the front and back. Then let the kids roll the edges in glitter or microbeads. Next I used my NEW crop-a-dile (thanks Mom!) to set my first ever perfect eyelet and ran some ribbon through to hang it. The kids get to decorate the back and you are left with a wonderful ornament to cherish for years to come. Even with all these, my tree still looks bare. I'll have to think of a few more...who's idea was it to have such a big tree!!!!

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