Friday, November 30, 2007

My First Post: My papercraft obesson

Crafting is for me, an obsession. What craft I'm doing varies from week to week or even hour to hour, but it usually involves paper. I love paper. I love all the different textures, patterns, colors. Before I became a stay home mom, I was a quality control chemist for a large paper manufacturer, perhaps that had something to do with this current need to have so much paper around me. My latest paper craft has been holiday blocks. It started with a trip to Target where I saw some cute little Halloween blocks for $15. My first thought....I can do that! I of course got sidetracked with kids and forgot about it. A few days later I open my mailbox, and what do I see but blocks on the cover of Stampin' Success Magazine! Oh, yeah, blocks! Now I'm on a mission. I walk over to my brothers wood shop and show him the blocks. Before long I had secured a supply of 150+ wooden blocks, enough to make this crafter...and my 4 year old twins, VERY happy. Let the fun begin!!! My first set was going to Fall/Thanksgiving themed. I got out my Stampin' Up designer paper (Apple Cider from the Fall mini), and punched out some squares (the 1 3/8 inch punch from SU). Next I cut out some letters with my cricut and VOILA! With so many blocks, it doesn't stop there. Next up, Christmas blocks (guess what my friends are getting), but first the boys need breakfast and a ride to school.

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